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This page contains all the History of the Hybrid-Shinobi Clan.By reading this you will know all the HSC's story from the begining.

Chapter One:

Long time ago,at the very begining of Naruto Arena,the battles for power could never stop,and they were bringing down way too many shinobi,noone could raise up,noone could stand up,those that were skilled,they had no mercy at all,but one daymtwo wise shinobi raised from the dark,in their search for peace.They loved silence,and they both wanted the wars to stop,so,they agreed an organized systhem should come up in order to bring the peace wanted by all those that were in the dark,thei recruted shinobis of all nations,so,in order not to confuse anyone,they named it the HYbrid Shinobi Clan,unfortunately,the two of them,Lightninja and Kraziekoala could not survive for too long because of the pressure,but they had fully enthrusted the clan to their aprentice, Devilhunter,he did the best he could in order to stabilize the clan,and he eventually realized it,he came up with a nice website where all the clan members could get toghether and help each other to become better...and,for a little period,the clan grew prosperous.

Chapter Two:

In the endless search for peace,one more shinobi raised his head from the dark,in order to help peace spread,along whith his wishes,he saw a helping hand,being aware of how sad it is to have noone who can really help you,L3ve,one of the fellow members of the Hybrid Shinobi Clan,took that shinobi as his aprentice.After a while,Bogdanutz was finally accepted as an official member of the clan,and ,step by step it was easy to see that the student was overcoming the master,he grew up very skilled and he was entirely filled with love for the clan and the flame of the peace was burning inside of him,due to Bog and L3ve the clan was going very well and had easily raised to the top of the shinobi clans,along with clans like the Hidden Sound clan,which was one of the greatest clans that time.Because he wanted his clan to be the best,Bog started to gfx for iteven though,he was using MS Paint and Photoscape for it;He knew that his graphics weren't the best but he always tried to do all the things that he could.The Hybrid Shinobi Clan was going on the right path,the path to victory,and they were very close to bring the peace to Naruto Arena,untill something bad happened,which was noted like a black day in the History of the HSC.Two of the most important members of the clan betrayed it,for the sake of their own foolish power desires,and created their own clans,taking some of the members of the HSC with them...slowly,noone else seemed to be down wit the clan,and the flame that once burned,has extincted.

Chapter Three:

Anyways,the bond between the newest Hsc member,Bog,and his master and good friend,L3ve kept the desire for peace burning,and they wanted ti revive HSC so much,that they eventually did it.With still noobish,but better graphics knowledge,Bog has put up a couple of pictures,and some clever designs to make a new place where the clan could live large and prosperous again,as it did long time ago.He and L3ve created the clan website,and,after they started spamming the Naruto arena's Charachters and Skills thread,they finally got their first member ever,Mattizen.Now that they were three they could continue growing much better,especially because the HSC was one of the first clans ever,long time before the Clan systhem was formed.After a while,the clan became a comunity that was even larger than the original one,and all the things seemed really great,because we were advertising our clan as good as possible at any time we could,we were getting about 2 or 3 members per day,untill we finally reached the number of 50 members,many people were aware of our growth,and Xgames was no different,finally the time has come to set our peace over Xgames and his clan,which was devasted by war and hatred,Bog and leve wanted to go on the war by theirselves against 8 people,because they didnt want anybody to get hurt in the war,and ,as expected from the HSC leaders,they won,but ,just as in true wars,noone really wins,leve got injured in his last battle ,and he had to stand by for the rest of the war,that didnt really matter ,because noone in the Dark Elites clan was a match for Bog.After Hybrid shinobi clan won that war,noone ever heared anything about the DEC,our peace created a mind disturbance over the DEC members who were severely tied up in a chain of hatred.Anyways,one of their members realized what real peace is,and accepted it as a way of living,by joining HSC.But,as everything good comes to an end,Hybrid Shinobi Clan was no different,a vast betrayal occured again,this time,the spike was taken from one of the hybrid shinobi clan co-leaders.He didnt really think of what he was doing,but he was obsessed with power,and that completly screwed his mind up,because many of my clan members were attached of him,he managed to take more than a half of our members,he even lied to some of them to take them away from peace,and he did something really sneaky,so he could heven take the one the leader was the most attached with,he took yldy,telling her that Bogdanutz made her a whore,and talked shit about her in secret,Bog got really pissed after that,especially when he saw that the same thing happened again,the flame which once burned,extincted again,and HSC was slowly dieing,even Bogdanutz falled into darkness,and he eventually quit the clan forever.

Chapter Four:

The Search for peace never ended for Bog,even though he quit n-a,anyways.after a 4 months continous begging from Zangetsubankia,one of the HSC leaders, and L3ve,he Finally came back,and started a major rework in the clan.It is now nearly done,WIth great GFX knowledge he achieved in his search for peace,he plans to bring HSC back to its former glory,and,with some help from his right hand,L3ve,he had almost completed the work in the clan.This time,true peace invaded the Hybrid Shinobi Clan,and the light had finally overcame the darkness,allowing all the people to see the clan shining,Once more,the HSC is recruting fellow members,those who think they are really down with the clan,those who can see peace just the way we do,and are ready to set it up in Naruto Arema.

The Hybrid shinobi Clan is not here to witness your end,it is here to prevent it,so,if you think the same way as we do,if you think you are ready to bring peace to Naruto Arena,join Hybrid Shinobi CLan Today,The Clan for real shinobi,The place there is no need for war and chaos,the place you can always come home,just as we do,WIth Respect,Hybrid Shinobi Clan.