HSC is back again and it is growing in ladder bigger and bigger as long as its members are pwning foolz in other clans,we must win as many ladder battles as we can to level up the clan...for those members that are thinking they need training they just have to ask the leaders or other members to private battle or to give them some hints.If anyone has any question they need to tell me,im an opened person,just as the others leaders so you just need to ask us and you will have the answer.Help HSC to return in the n-a top clans and help yourself to become better by joining.

*comming soon* HSC first interclan tourney:

  • The tourney will take place on the 8th of August,and all the n-a players are free to join.
  • I announce HSC members to be ready for the tourney so noone will take our glorry.


  • 1st place:A place in HSC HOF,a custom userbar,a mini tag,for clanless paticipants, clan invitation
  • 2nd place:A plae in HSC HOF,an userbar, a mini tag,clan invitation.