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1.General Status:                                                  2.Clan Status:

          Name:Preda Bogdan                                                Nickname:Bogdanutz

          Location:Campia Turzii,Roumania                          Rank:Hokage

          Gender:male                                                           Ocupation:moderator,leader

          Age:14                                                                    Village:leaf village 

          Status:Sole                                                              Squad:Sound 6 Squad 

I am a friendly guy who likes Naruto series crazy.I like skating,Basketbal and listenin to music(especially rap&rock)I made this clan by my own and I am trying to make it the best that ever was.About naruto-arena,I wanna unlock all characters then I will try to become hokage(after that I will play bleach arena probably lol).For those who don't like me I am tellin' them that they don't need to.This i am an' I can't change me and I won't do it just 'cause u say so.if you wanna chat with me u can do it here:

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