Professional Snooker Elo Ratings

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"Pick of the Pack" on WWW Snooker (October 2008 to April 2009)

Welcome to the Professional Snooker Elo Ratings. 


Originally launched during the 2008 World Championships, the ratings have been created and developed by Stephen Flangan over the course of the past two years with the result being a new professional snooker rating system.  Feedback on the original ratings showed up some anomalies, and as such the system has been tweaked slightly to try and provide more meaningful ratings.


**UPDATE** 21 April 2009

The ratings have now been updated following the 2009 Bank of Beijing China Open.

The new drawsheets feature also sees updated drawsheets for the 2009 Bank of Beijing China Open (complete) and the 2009 World Championship (for matches completed on or before 20 April 2009)


To get an overview of the system, go to the How The System Works page.


As more and more information is added, the updates will be announced on this page.  Our first task is to go back through the archives and provide rating lists from past seasons.  We have started to provide drawsheets (in pdf format) for all ranking tournaments included within the Professional Snooker Elo Ratings and some non-ranking tournaments.  The drawsheets will be added on a piecemeal basis at the moment whilst we finish completing the archives and creating the drawsheets.  As usual announcements will be made on this page.


If you have any questions, or feedback, then drop me an e-mail, and remember that we don't pass on any details to any third parties.