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3080 Compressor

Stompbox Clone based on the sound of the vintage 70's script era Dyna Comp


    Here is a close up of my own unique custom PCB layout made after studying the original circuit to faithfully replicate the function of this classic effect:

     I used the PCB mounted sockets and swapped all five 'script spec' transistors with all 2N5088's giving it somewhat less noise while preserving natural sounding sustain. My testing results showed using 2N5088 transistors instead mitigates noise levels somewhat better. PC Soundcard Oscilloscope software signal generator white noise fed into Dyna Comp clone on with both knobs maxed and audio captured with Audacity software. Note - Audacity Frequency Analysis 0 dB reference point = loudest. More negative dB is quieter:

2SC1849 and MPS5172 (script spec) RMS Volume = -30.2 dB


2N5088 (modded) RMS Volume = -31.0 dB



  • Classic 70's dynamic compression with transparent tone and volume leveling sustain
  • Custom made PCB layout design with electroplated tinning on thick traces
  • Hand wired into a Hammond 1590B aluminum enclosure with my custom PCB mounted by Alpha right-angle 16mm pots
  • Pop free 'true bypass' footswitch with PCB input grounding, on/off LED, and heavy duty 'open frame' input/output jacks
  • 2.1mm Boss style (negative polarity) 9V DC power jack and hard shell battery snap
  • Vintage MXR style fluted knobs with dot index for Level and Sustain controls
  • Etched aluminum top panel with my 'Greek Calvary Warrior' stylized graphic
  • Durable Hammond factory red powder coat paint finish:


    This inside gut shot illustrates how my Neo-Classic 3080 Compressor is built with the PCB solidly mounted along with a clean and logical internal layout and wiring:

    The onboard IC socket on can be used to compare replacement CA3080 op amp chips and even can take 'metal can' versions with the same pinout like this vintage era RCA CA3080 as shown in the photo below of my own Neo-Classic 3080 Compressor, but don't be fooled by mythical 'NOS' parts some may promote as having that vintage tone, because in reality they really don't sound different than modern equivalents do except that they are cool for cosmetic reasons by adding a little vintage 'mojo' authenticity to any modded pedal or clone:


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