Andreas's E-Portfolio 

Designed to showcase some of my Academic and Athletic Achievements 

    This E-Portfolio is designed specifically for the purpose of showcasing Andreas Santucci’s athletic and academic achievements. My immediate audience consists of my professor, peers, friends, and family. However, in the future this portfolio may be useful because I can present it to a college diving coach as a comprehensive resume. Even if the institution is located on the East coast or in another country, an E-portfolio would be easily accessible and still contain some video footage of some of my dives. This would mean that a trip down to the college's facilities may not be necessary in order to determine if I am a qualified candidate. I am including in this portfolio a list of my most recently competed dives, as well as a few video clips to show the audience my abilities such that they can see it "first-hand". I also included transcripts from the most recent educational institutions that I attended such that anybody looking at this portfolio understands that I am a well rounded person who can excel in academics and athletics at the same time. To exemplify my academic abilities and let the audience see what I am capable of, I included an English essay comparing two famous philosophers. I am also including a page that is dedicated to a history about my Gymnastics career because, as the sport that was a precursor to diving for me, I feel that it played an important role in shaping me as an athlete. Some of my Gymnastics accomplishments can also act as credentials for my acrobatic ability, and considering that I have a much more extensive history in that sport than diving, I have more "artifacts" that I can show my audience. I also feel that some of the experiences, such as large competitions, switching training facilities, and sustaining injuries, are important for my audience to know because it exemplifies just how dedicated I was to becoming an excellent gymnast.


This is me! This is my senior photo:


      A little background about myself before I become a diver: since the second grade I have been training to become a gymnast (my goal was to become an Olympian). I have always been training while studying; this put a lot of pressure on me to efficiently manage my time, which also meant maturing and learning responsibilities. From second to ninth grade, I trained every weekday for several hours, leaving just enough time in the evenings for homework and dinner. Along my journey to becoming an Olympic Gymnast I unfortunately sustained an injury during freshman year of high school to my right foot; it was a result of repeated impacts and long term stress. My dreams of becoming an Olympian were seemingly extinguished. 

    Fortunately, I discovered a new sport, similar to gymnastics in the sense that it involved breath-taking acrobatic maneuvers, in which I could excel and satisfy my drive for success: diving. Diving seemed to me like an excellent opportunity because the sport never asked me to put excessive pressure on my feet. Other than a few weeks of being trained by my gymnastics coach at Los Gatos High School's diving boards, I hadn’t been exposed to the techniques of this new sport. However, I picked it up very quickly and it soon became clear that I was excelling in yet another acrobatic  field. I became a part of the Los Altos High School Varsity boy’s diving team in my freshman year, and remained a part of the varsity team throughout the duration of High School. I have thoroughly enjoyed every dive! 


Plans to continue diving have been postponed due to a torn ligament in my right foot that may be related to the injury I sustained during my freshman year in High School

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 Academic Achievements

Confucius and Plato Comparison Essay

Diving History

Diving Accomplishments

Gymnastics History 

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