About us

About Us

SNIP-OC (Spay/Neuter Incentive Program of Overton County) was started in January of 2009, by eleven Overton County Residents concerned about the plight and number of stray dogs and cats in our area. After talking to people involved in animal rescues and shelters in neighboring counties, we quickly concluded that it was beyond our means to start a shelter/rescue. Instead, we decided to devote our efforts toward reducing the number of unwanted and stray animals through spay.neuter (S/N). With encouragement and advice from other established S/N groups in Jackson, White, and Putnam Counties, we named officers and a board of directors and established our mission statement.

In June of 2009, we were approved to partner with a non-profit group in Maury County, T-ARC (Tennessee Animal Resource Center). Partnering with T-ARC allowed us to begin raising funds under the umbrella of their 501(c)(3) non-profit status. They also gave us $500 in seed money to get started. Our official partnership with T-ARC ended in October of 2011 and we were granted our own 501(c)(3) status.

We have established relationships with three local veterinarians: Tiffany Krantz of Livingston Veterinary Clinic, Ragland & Riley, and The Humane Society of Putnam County (HSPC) which is a spay/neuter clinic. All three of these vets have offered a reduced rate for anyone referred to them by SNIP-OC. For those that are still unable to afford the total cost of the spay/neuter procedure on their own, SNIP-OC carries some portion of the cost, through the procedure explained in our brochure located under the resourced page on this site.

SNIP-OC now has over forty members. Many of our members volunteer their time by manning a booth at local festivals, preparing food or baked goods for sale, and by speaking to youth groups about the importance of spay/neuter and animal awareness. Others simply pay an annual membership fee or make donations of money, aluminum cans, and items to be sold at our annual Barking Lot Yard Sale. Many local businesses display our donation jars while others offer their services such as Office Max providing assistance with our brochures, flyers, and forms. All of these are very beneficial as they help to keep our operating costs at a minimum. This means that, aside from a few one-time purchases such as tables and tents that are used at local events, and the cost of items that we sell (T-shirts, plastic bracelets, pencils) all of the funds we raise go directly toward paying for a portion of the S/N procedures.

Our funds come from a combination of grant monies, membership fees, donations, and our local fundraisers, which include yard sales,booths at local festivities, and aluminum can recycling.

Since our start in 2009, we have assisted nearly 2,300 animals at an average cost to SNIP-OC of $900/month. Our clients hear about us from the three veterinarians we work with, through the community section of our local newspaper, and from flyers that we have placed in different locations around the county and hand out at community events. We cannot say enough about the word of mouth referrals that we have received as well.

We know there is much work yet to be done and many animals/people left to help. We plan to increase the funds that we have in our reserve, expand our impact using additional means of advertising such as radio, local TV, billboards, mailing, and our website (now in use). In the future we plan to increase our public education campaign particularly among the youth.

The purpose of SNIP-OC is to promote spay/neuter (S/N) of dogs and cats, and to otherwise promote the humane treatment of animals in the community, through education and increased awareness. The organization's activities will be limited to assistance for animals within Overton County, TN. Our intent will be to ensure that ALL dogs/cats in a resident's care are spayed/neutered, to maximize the efficacy of our efforts. 

It is the policy of the organization, with regard to strays and other animal control concerns, to refer people to the appropriate county officials and/or established facilities for the purpose of placing or otherwise caring for the animal. The organization will not maintain any shelter or facility for the purpose  of housing animals.

The organization may provide services to facilitate spay/neuter, including transporting animals to/from the veterinarians, lending pet carriers, or providing a temporary foster home, for example, if the animal's owner cannot provide a safe environment in which the animal can recuperate after the S/N procedure.

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