Various Files

There are a few files here relating to OpenWRT and some notes

Device: Linksys WRT160N 1.0-1.1

Notes and files

I am going to move all of the WRT160N stuff to its own page. I am still working on gathering info and formatting it but here it is so far. ->  WRT160N - Notes


Device: Airlink101 ANAS350 Office NAS


High Res Scan of the Component side of the PCB - 3.18 MB - ANAS350-Component_Side.jpg

Device: Asus WL-700gE


Notes I have gathered to help me remember what I have found out about this device. -> Asus WL-700gE

Software: wrt54g_tools

A way to copy files to and from some stock routers running linux. -> Notes about wrt54g_tools