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Australian Gamer

Space Meat is a site created by myself (Liam Marcon), an IT student living in Melbourne Australia. I wanted to create a website that would have all the geeky and tech stuff that I am interested in and that I’m sure many other people are. At the moment there’s not much that distinguishes this site from the thousands of other tech and geek blogs on the internet but hopefully I be able to carve out my own niche.

The site will be my source of writing about news I find interesting as well as movie, game, music and technology reviews. At the moment its just me adding content to this site but I might be able to get some friends to add the occasional blog or review. Also I’m working on setting up a Space Meat podcast (online radio or television show) which will cover all the news articles, movies, games, and music that has been blogged or reviewed on this site, but it will probably be sometime before that will be up and running. Well I hope you like the site and come back to read the new content that I will be trying to add every day or two. Also this is a fairly new site and needs regulars viewing it, so if you like the site tell your friends. Thanks.