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Xbox 360 Laptop.

The net famous and talented modder Ben Heckendorn has released pictures and video of his latest masterpiece, The Xbox 360 Laptop (If his site is still down here is a mirror).

Ben has made many a great mod in his time but this has got to be up near the top, I would (if I had the cash) buy one of these and I can't understand why this guy isn't on Microsoft’s payroll yet.

Check out the video:       YouTube         mp4 (5.2MB)

Go here or here for Hi-Res versions of the below pictures.


The worlds first killer robot.

You have all seen "The Terminator", "The Matrix" and "I, Robot", which makes it clear ROBOTS KILL! So trust the American military not to listen, YOU FOOLS!

















 Rich people have the coolest shit.

I'm not rich so I can't afford lots of cool obscure and stupid stuff, in fact I can't even afford your everyday stupid stuff. But if I was rich then this is one of the stupid things I would buy.

A $3,500 (American) Gold plated, Diamond encrusted USB memory stick, because hey when would that not come in handy.



Pope Benedict XVI was given an iPod on Friday by a group of workers at Vatican Radio.

Now I knew this new pope was slightly cooler than the last one (not exactly a hard thing to achieve) but the fact that he is now an owner of and reported user of something made after 1856 takes him up a notch.

The Pope has a 2GB iPod Nano (smart, the shuffle is a piece of crap), the mp3's on his nano are apparently, some of Vatican Radio's programming in English, Italian and German, as well as some classics by Mozart, Chopin and Stravinsky.



If Microsoft sold the iPod...

Microsoft and Apple have two very different marketing schemes and so I wonder what the iPod's packaging would look like if it was sold by microsoft.

Check it out here.



Apple iPod Hi-Fi

The new soon to be released iPod Hi-Fi was recently on display, and first impressions are along the lines of cool, if you like iPod's. It supposably has excellent sound quality but that sort of a given, I mean Apple's first official accessory for the iPod wouldn’t be a crap quality speaker.

So like with everything made by Apple it all comes down to the looks, it’s a sort of love it or hate it system. Personally I think it looks like microwave oven but each to his own I guess, but I am thinking that unless your house is ultra-modern looking, the new iPod Hi-Fi is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

More Info and Pics here.



Who needs to go to school when you have the internet?

One of the most famous and one of the best schools in the world is MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is now releasing to anybody free to stream videos of their lectures. Available here, is a huge selection of lectures on topics from Architecture to Public Policy. Good news for anybody wanting to learn from one of the top technological schools in the world.

Because we all want to be smart.




New from Sony the cordless Pom

One of the United Kingdom’s government owned companies “The City of London Corporation” is planning to set up a Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) network covering the entire city (approx. 1.61 square kilometres). The project is expected to be implemented in the next few months, and is being done in conjunction with the private Wi-Fi firm, “The Cloud”.

“The Cloud” will be installing all the hardware, and plans on using objects like street lights and signs to help transmit the signals.

For more information go here.



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