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Australian Gamer

13/09/06                                          Liam Marcon

Introducing in the next corner: Jordan Miller.

Good news guys with Space Meat the beacon of internet celebrity that it is we have gained a new member to the team, or duo as it may be. Jordan will be covering a lot of the gaming news that hits the web, as well as doing reviews of some the new and interesting games coming out. So look for the name up the top of the article to know who posted it.


With Jordan joining the Space Meat team not only will we have two red heads working on the site (which means we continue working only at night for fear of bursting into flame), but also I will have more time to work on the new site which will hopefully be up and running within the month. A new layout and new people behind the site means Space Meat will be able to find its little niche in the World Wide Web and we will slowly introduce new content and features.


Site update.

I have just updated the site a little by changing the Movie, Tech and Games pages layout and I also added automatically updating links to the most popular Digg articles on each topic. The news articles displayed at Digg are posted and voted on by the users so they are usually a good read. Also the forums are now up (though a little bare), so swing by and have a chat.

As this site is forever changing I'm not sure how long it will stay this way, but I hope you enjoy it. 


And the winner is...

Thank you, thank you, I would like to thank my family, friends and of course the big man... the almighty... Chuck Norris.

If you haven't seen it on Entertainment Tonight (which I'm sure it will be) the great site Google Pages Guide has listed Space Meat (this site in case you haven't noticed) as one of the Best Google Pages of the Week.

Ok, so it's not really that big of a deal, or really even a medium sized deal but I'm still proud damn it, you bastards can't take that away from me.



New site Email. 

You can now contact me at the new email,, for anything at all.

You just want to say you like the site, you hate the site, you want to know when the podcast or anything else will be up and running, anything, just email.

Also If you like the site and would like to contribute, I am looking to add some more people to the Space Meat team. So if you want to post the occasional article or review, you can email me here. Obviously I won't just accept you on the spot but If you give me an example article and I like it, you will become a member of the Space Meat team. 




Welcome to the new space meat site, much better than the MSN Space eh? I'm still working on it (haven't got comments or forums up) but hopefully soon it will be fully functional. Although this is only a temporary site till I can get a proper one up, this site will have daily posts and the occasional movie, game or technological review so enjoy!