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22/09/06                                   Liam Marcon

Space Meat has moved!

Space Meat is no longer a googlepage we have moved on to bigger and better things; check out the new site at http://www.space-meat.com and remember to update your favourites/bookmarks.

I want to thank everybody who visited this site and I hope you enjoy the new one. See you there.

17/09/06                                   Liam Marcon

Tenacious D presents... 

The greatest website ever made!

Or at least that’s what they’re calling it, and personally with a hilarious intro staring J.B and K.G themselves, it’s a fair call.

The site is actually the new site for the Jack Black and Kyle Gass staring movie Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny; which premiers November 17th in the U.S and January 11th in Australia. Being a massive fan of the D all I can say is “January! You got to be frickin’ kidding me!”

For those of you who missed it you can check out the previously released trailer here.


17/09/06                                  Jordan Miller

Nintendo Wii Australian release confirmed.

Nintendo have confirmed the Australian release date and price for the upcoming Wii.
$399.95 RRP, December 7th.

This is a great move for Nintendo. With Sony recently pushing their release date well into next year, Nintendo will have a market to dominate come christmas time. At a price that low, I think Nintendo expect to see some solid figures, and good on them.

This release date sees us a few weeks behind America, who are getting their hands on Wii on the 19th of November. Japan get their Wii 5 days before on December 7th, while we’re one day before Europes 8th December launch.

The $399.95 package will include a Wii remote controller, a Nunchuck controller (the left hand attachment) and Wii sports, a 5 sport game collection. Impressions predict this disc will be similar to a pack of 5 mini games, designed to show off the funky stuff Wii can do. Phonetic pun intentional.

December 7th, $399.95 RRP

For those of you who purchased Super Mario 64 DS can imagine what the disc will be like, so i’m not expecting anything groundbreaking there, other than tech demos. It’s nice that they include something with the console though, if you can’t pick up a launch title straight away but still want to be in on the console launch. Wii sports still has the potential to impress though. This is one of those titles that are hard to predict until you have it in your hand.

There’s a hefty line up ready to ship all over the world too. Nintendo Wii will burst out with roughly 50 launch titles, listed here. Included in this line up is Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption, The Legend Of Zelda - Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy and many more possible blockbusters.

Should be smooth rolling for Nintendo from here. Unless Microsoft pull an ace card out of their sleeve (Halo 3), or some $999 competition rolls along…


17/09/06                                   Liam Marcon

Eragon Trailer.

Eragon the movie promoted as the epic fantasy successor to The Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia has a trailer out. I can see it sucking less or equally as much as Narnia but really thinking that this movie could live up to The Lord of the Rings is just stupid. It actually reminds me a lot of the Dungeons and Dragons movie which sucked except that it gave the Asian guy (Justin Whalin) who played Jimmy in Lois and Clark his first staring role; I don’t why that’s a good thing.

Most sites with this news would give you a link to AOL (where the trailer is hosted) but because I want to save you of that indecency here is the direct link to the high quality QuickTime version. (60Mb - Save As…)



17/09/06                                   Liam Marcon

Mel Gibson's Apocalypto.

The first theatrical trailer for Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto has been released. It looks extremely well done, but this movie still does nothing for me and all I could think of during the trailer was those gross skull island natives from King Kong. Personally I can’t wait until Mel goes back to making movies that are fun to watch; it’s kind of sad that the last thing I saw him in that I enjoyed was when he made a couple of surprising cameos in the short lived sitcom Complete Savages.

You can check out the new trailer and the original teaser in QuickTime goodness here.



14/09/06                                          Liam Marcon

Mod chips soon to be illegal in Australia.

New laws starting on the 1st of January 2007 will make it illegal to sell or own a modded videogame console. Owners are susceptible to a $6600 fine, and those that distribute, sell or install mod chips or modded consoles can be hit with a $60,500 fine and/or up to five years in jail.

Minter Ellison law firm released the following statement.

"AUSFTA requires Australia to prohibit the use of devices and services to circumvent technological protection measures (TPM)".

"The exposure draft prohibits the use of devices and services to circumvent access control TPMs. It is an offence to circumvent access control TPMs punishable by a fine of up to AU$6,600."

"The exposure draft also prohibits dealings with devices and services to circumvent all types of TPMs (including access control TPMs). Dealing in circumvention devices and services will be punishable by up to five years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to AU$60,500. The concept of 'dealings' has been expanded and will include distribution, offering, provision and communication. There will no longer be a requirement for a dealing to be 'in the course of trade'."

There will be exemptions to the law for people doing computer security testing, law enforcement and library use.

Well this plain sucks because as it has been pointed out many times that mod chips have other uses apart for piracy; including by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission who support mod chips due to there ability to get around region coding which is widely seen as a method of constricting the competitive market.


13/09/06                                       Jordan Miller

Trackmania Nations ESWC (PC) Review.

Trackmania Nations brings new spark to the loved TM series.


13/09/06                                    Liam Marcon

Introducing in the next corner: Jordan Miller.

Good news guys with Space Meat the beacon of internet celebrity that it is we have gained a new member to the team, or duo as it may be. Jordan will be covering a lot of the gaming news that hits the web, as well as doing reviews of some the new and interesting games coming out. So look for the name up the top of the article to know who posted it.


With Jordan joining the Space Meat team not only will we have two red heads working on the site (which means we continue working only at night for fear of bursting into flame), but also I will have more time to work on the new site which will hopefully be up and running within the month. A new layout and new people behind the site means Space Meat will be able to find its little niche in the World Wide Web and we will slowly introduce new content and features.



Xbox 360 Laptop.

The net famous and talented modder Ben Heckendorn has released pictures and video of his latest masterpiece, The Xbox 360 Laptop (If his site is still down here is a mirror).

Ben has made many a great mod in his time but this has got to be up near the top, I would (if I had the cash) buy one of these and I can't understand why this guy isn't on Microsoft’s payroll yet.

Check out the video:       YouTube         mp4 (5.2MB)

Go here or here for Hi-Res versions of the below pictures.




2 new Sam & Max trailers.

"Well, it all started the day before today. I remember it just 
like it was yesturday."

Two new trailers for the Sam & Max Episode 1: Culture Shock has been released and this time they show direct game play. Wisely they don't give away too much of the story but they do show that Telltale games have made a brand new classic point and click adventure game, and they seem to have replicated the strange humor behind the original Sam & Max game very well. The trailers aren't laugh out loud funny but they do present some giggles and they seem to have picked sections of the game play that don't ruin any of the big jokes in the game.

Sam & Max Episode 1: Culture Shock trailers:


GameArena trailer 1

GameArena trailer 2




Flags of the fathers & Letters from Iwo Jima trailers.

Trailers for the two highly anticipated (at least by me) new movies by director Clint Eastwood, Flags of the Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima have been released.

Both films tell the story of the battle of Iwo Jima during World War II except that Flags of the Fathers tells it from the perspective of the United States soldiers and Letters from Iwo Jima tells it from the perspective of the Japanese soldiers.

This has got to be one of the coolest ideas I have ever heard of for a war movie and I can only assume that they will be highly entertaining and touching movies, especially if the trailers are any indication.

Flags of the Fathers trailer (Windows Media)

Letters from Iwo Jima (Japanese)



First Playstation 3 Commercial.

The first commercial for the Playstation 3 has been released and like most of Sony's commercials it's incredibly stupid. Most of the ad is video of some guy working out (live-action footage) while some English chick talks about video game artificial intelligence; then there’s a few seconds of the game "Resistance - Fall of men" which looks pretty cool but nothing that special.

Overall the ad fails to impress and at this critical moment impress is exactly what Sony need to do, especially with the Europe and Australian release of the PS3 delayed until March 2007.

You can download or stream the commercial here or on YouTube.



New Casino Royale trailer.

A new trailer for James Bond's next big adventure, Casino Royale, has been released and frankly it looks like its going to kick the arse of every bond movie back to the Connery days.

Check out the trailer here in AOL (Crap Quality) and two higher quality quicktime versions.

Direct Quicktime links:      High (47MB)         HD (170MB)

Casino Royale premiers on the 17th November in the U.S and on the 7th of December in Australia.



Sam & Max: Episode 1.

“Holy jumping mother O'God in a side-car with chocolate
 jimmies and a lobster bib! WE'RE ON OUR WAY!"

Sam & Max: Hit the Road was one of the funniest if not the funniest games ever to be made, so back in 2004 when the highly anticipated sequel was cancelled I was pretty annoyed.

Well I'm all chipper again because the new sequel being made by Telltale Games is just over a month away from release. Telltale Games recently announced the released date for the first episode; October 17th on GameTap (USA only) and November 1st as a download from the Telltale Games site.

The game is to be released in monthly episodic parts, the first one will be approximately 70MB (which seems small to me); the price has yet to be announced.

Check out the press release and the official website for more information on the game.

Sam & Max: Episode 1 trailer:

Quicktime:                Low Quality     High Quality

Windows Media:        Low Quality     High Quality



RIP: Steve Irwin.

Steve Irwin, otherwise known as the Crocodile hunter, was killed today in an animal attack while filming a documentary in Cairns, Australia. Irwin was killed by a sting ray barb through the heart, he died instantly.

I was never a fan of Steven Irwin's over the top documentaries but that doesn't stop me from recognising his great contributions to charities, environmental conservation, and Australian tourism.

He leaves behind his wife Terri, and two children, Bindi, 8, and Bob, 3.

Rest in Piece Steve Irwin. 



Face it the Transformers look different.

You knew it was coming; eventually someone would leak a picture of a Transformers face. Here he is Bumblebee in all his close-up glory; I really don't know what I think yet except that he's got that creepy cute look.

(Click to Enlarge)


Melbourne Gaming Expos.

For those of you lucky enough to live in or near the great city of Melbourne, Australia, you will be pumped to know that we have two awesome gaming expos happening in November.


First up we have the GAME1 Electronics and Gaming Expo, on the 4th and 5th of November at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. The event has been organised by the people behind the successful Auto Salon car shows, and will be running in conjunction with the Auto Salon. The only confirmed production companies to be exhibiting are Rockstar Games and Electronic Arts but we should have more information closer to the date. The other features of the expo will be a Live Tournament Challenge, a portable gaming area, and an Australian games area where some of the best Australian game production companies will show of what they have in the works, and hopefully impress the hell out of everyone.


The next big expo is the eGames & Entertainment Expo which will also be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on the 17th and 19th of November. I believe this event will be similar to GAME1 but I don’t know as there has been no press release yet and no list of Exhibits, but more information is expected closer to the event date. 

You can check out the Game1 and eGames & Entertainment Expo official sites for more information, and I will post more information as I get it.

Both events should be lots of fun and I know I will be attending so I hope to see you there.



Geeky movie news.

First off sorry for the late update guys but internet problems and my laziness forced me to keep putting it off. This should make up for it though as I have a massive update of news about your favorite comic book and cartoon based movies.

First off got some cool new pictures from the upcoming Transformers live-action movie, including a picture of Optimus Prime sporting some flame vinyls and a scale picture of one of the animatronic Transformers built for the movie.

 That's a HUGE BITCH!

 Cool... ok bad pun.

FLAME ON! Oh wait, wrong movie.

I think someone had a visit from Xzibit.


Secondly I got some Hulk sequel news for you; the Aussie superstar actor Eric Bana won't be reprising his role of Bruce Banner. The role hasn't been re-cast yet but word is that adopted Aussie Dominic Purcell is up for the role and when asked about it during a morning radio interview he dodges the question like it was unprotected sex with Paris Hilton.


Lastly I got some fantastically cool news for you now as it has been confirmed that the new name for the Fantastic Four sequel is Fantastic Four and the rise of the Silver Surfer. Some very cool news that the CGI animation of the Surfer will be done by WETA the company behind The Lord of the rings and King Kong CGI, and that Doug Jones (Hellboy, Doom, The Benchwarmers) will be doing the motion capture for the Surfer; no word yet on if he will be voicing the character.

Even though that is Doug Jones under the makeup, Abe Sapien was voiced by David Hyde Pierce.

So is this all good news? Is Purcell a good choice or did you like Bana in the role? Comment below.


Halo director chosen.

Neill Blomkamp...

I would say that unless you have already read an article on this you will have absolutely no clue who this guy is, and rightfully so. Neill Blomkamp is a complete unknown; he has never directed a full length film, not even a small budget art flick. All he has done is directed the Citroen "Alive with Technology" ads and a couple of short films, most notably "Alive in Joburg".

Considering the big name directors that were possibilities (Guillermo Del Toro, Paul Greengrass, Peter Jackson) this is a bit of a disappointment. To his defense the ads are very cool (Check them out here and here) and the short film "Alive in Joburg" is exceptionally well done, so really its hard to tell if he will be up to the challenge.



Three new trailers.

We got three new trailers for you today starting with the new movie out of the WWE production team, The MarineIt doesn't take a genius to work out this movie isn't going to be cinema gold but I thought I would post it as the trailer isn't too bad. The basic plot is an ex-marine's girlfriend gets kidnapped, so he kicks some arse. Check out the trailer here.


Now to get that bad taste out of your mouth we have the rock and roll spectacular movie that is Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny' the upcoming movie staring Jack Black and Kyle
, and directed by Liam Lynch. The movie is the fictional story of how Jack Black and Kyle Gass's band, Tenacious D, became the greatest rock band in history by finding the Pick of Destiny. This movie without a doubt will be hilarious and I can't way to see it, check out the trailer here.


Finally the last the last trailer is a seriously cool one for the seriously cool looking movie, Smokin' Aces. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as an FBI agent transporting a stand-up comedian (Jeremy Piven) who is testifying against the mob, but before he takes him to protective custody he stops of at the local casino; cue bad guys. The film also stars Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Jason Bateman and Alicia Keys.

Check out the awesome trailer here.


Heath is laughing in the dark.

It has just been officially announced that Heath Ledger will be playing the iconic villain called "the Joker" in upcoming Batman Begins sequel, now titled The Dark Knight.

Of course the main men Christopher Nolan (director), and Christian Bale will be back and though it hasn't been officially announced it's safe to say Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman are back in there respective roles.

I can't say I was expecting Heath Ledger in this role but now that I think about it, it does seem to be a good choice, though I have never seen Ledger playing a bad guy he is an excellent actor and should be able to pull it off.


 Cool new Crank poster.

Lionsgate films recently released an awesome new poster for Jason Statham's upcoming movie Crank.



 Command & Conquer 3 Update.

One of the most anticipated games in progress at the moment is without a doubt, Command & Conquer 3. EA recently released a bunch of new pictures and earlier they released the first episode of the Official C&C 3 Podcast, in which the EA Communitive Manager and the Executive Producer Mike Verdu discuss the game and what they released at E3.

Newest Screenshots:


 Miami Vice (PSP) Review.

Here is my review of the movie based game, Miami Vice: The Game, for the Playstation Portable.

Miami Vice: The Game (PSP) Review



Children of Turtles trailer.

Two new trailers have surfaced over at Apple, one of them being a pleasant surprise and the other being anticipated crap.

The first is the trailer for Children of Men, a drama staring Clive Owen in a near futuristic world where all women have become infertile. This movie looks very cool and co-stars great actors like Michael Caine, Julianne Moore and a favourite of mine Chiwetel Ejiofor (Serenity).


The other trailer is of course the teaser for the highly anticipated CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. This trailer looks alright I suppose but doesn't really do anything for me. The original movies were the types of movies that are so bad they were good, this one I'm not to sure about.



Cool new Spidey 3 poster.

Sony has shipped the newest Spider-man 3 poster to cinemas all over America and it's a cool one. The poster is a backlit lenticular poster (o...k?), basically it just switches between two pictures in this case between Spidey and Venom/Symbiote Spidey's chest.

Check out the animation of it here, or click to enlarge the pictures below.



The Prestige trailer.

The Prestige has the makings to be one of the coolest movies of the year, what are they you say? 

Well how about four of the best and most popular actors around, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Scarlett Johansson. It's directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, Batman Begins) and it's about two battling magicians/illusionists.

Check out the very cool trailer here in all forms of high definition magic. Also check out the exclusive pictures below (click to enlarge).




Nothing more fun then beer and giant robots.

If any of you saw the comedy gold that is Super Troopers you will be happy to know the guys behind it (Broken Lizard) have a new movie comming soon and the trailer has just been released. The movie is called Beerfest and the basic plot is it follows the American team in a world championship beer drinking contest.

Checkout the trailer here, thanks to Maxim Online.


Another cool video released was a behind the scenes featurette of the upcomming Transformers live-action movie. Watch Shia LaBeouf shit himself when off screen explosions go off, here.


Crank this trailer up.

The trailer for the very kick-arse looking movie Crank is out, and apart from the "My name is..." crap it's very cool.

Crank stars Jason Statham as a hitman who is injected with a poison that will kill him unless he keeps his adrenaline levels extremely high. This of course means non-stop action and even some booty (Amy Smart).

Check out the trailer in Windows Media or Quicktime (recommended). Also check out the cool poster below.



Rocky Balboa trailer.

The trailer for the next and probably last Rocky movie is out and it doesn't look to bad, I guess. I was never a fan of the Rocky movies, but I do like the plot in this one with the CG fight that gets everybody thinking.

Watch an old man get a beat down here.


Everybody's watching "Nobody's Watching".

Sometime last year Bill Lawrence (Spin City, Scrubs) created the show Nobody's Watching, they filmed a pilot and then the WB shut them down. It never even aired on TV, well thanks to some unknown person the pilot episode is on YouTube and it's getting so much traffic that other networks like Comedy Central and NBC are contacting Bill Lawrence for the DVD, so there is a good chance the show could get picked up.

Now is that a good thing? Well that depends if you like sitcoms, personally I do but only if they are funny, I don't care how original they are (The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm) if they don't make me laugh then I consider them shit sitcoms. This show made me chuckle, it wasn't comedy gold and was pretty ruff but considering its a pilot (which always suck) and it has a good premise I'm hoping this show gets picked up.

Nobody's Watching - Pilot - Part 01

Nobody's Watching - Pilot - Part 02

Nobody's Watching - Pilot - Part 03



Even more trailers.

Two more trailers have been released for the very interesting looking movies, Deja Vu and The Illusionist.

Deja Vu has some weird plot that I'm not going to bother explaining and the trailer does little to inform but it does look pretty cool. Check out the trailer for Denzel Washington's Deja Vu here.

The Illusionist is another weird one, its set in 1900 and is about the love affair of a stage Illusionist (Edward Norton) and wife (Jessica Biel) of a prince (Rufus Sewell). It also stars Paul Giamatti as a detective. Check out the trailer here.



More trailers.

Three new trailers have been released for your viewing pleasure; first off we have the Running with Scissors trailer, a comedy from Ryan Murphy (creator of Nip/Tuck).

Then we have the new international trailer for the Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson staring My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

And finally the trailer for the movie I'm looking forward to the most, Hollywoodland, the drama/thriller based on the true story of George Reeves's (Adventures of Superman) death. The film stars the fantastic acting skills of Adrien Brody and  Bob Hoskins, as well as the so-so acting skills of Ben Affleck as George Reeves.



Harsh trailer.

The trailer for the upcoming movie Harsh Times is out and it looks very cool but that was expected as it's directed by David Ayer (Training Day), stars the Bat himself Christian Bale and Freddy Rodríguez. Check out the trailer here.



Wanna be in Clerks 2?

Update: Turns out most of the news sites linked to the wrong MySpace (A fake one) and now the real page has more then 10,000 people.

Want to be in the much anticipated movie Clerks 2? Well to bad it has already been filmed, though to make you feel better you can be in the credits. 

The first 10,000 people to add the Mooby's Presents Clerks 2 MySpace to your own MySpace gets to be listed in the credits of the movie. This of course means that either the credits are really long or the names will fly past at record speed, either way this is a cool promotion.

I know I added it too my MySpace, so better hurry and add it too yours.



Transformers teaser trailer.

Six days before it was supposed to be released some dude with mad skills leaked the transformers teaser trailer, being smart Paramount decided not to fight the internet to get it removed and just released the higher quality version on the official website

The trailer doesn't give a clear shot of a Transformer but is still really cool; I especially like the use of a real event in the story. As the cool transforming logo states the movie will be out on 07/04/07.

That's a Transformer... I guess.

  I knew that thing didn't crash.



Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer is out and also the first Transformer picture.

Today some big movie related media was released. First off the Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer premiered online at Apple Trailers. 

WARNING: The following (small text) could be counted as spoiler info for people who are not familiar with the Spider-Man story, but it's probably nothing new to those of you who have read some of the comics or seen the cartoons.

The teaser trailer is extremely cool and we do get a shot of black suit (Alien symbiote) Spidey but no villainous Venom in sight, though we do get a shot of Eddie Brock (Topher Grace) who is Venoms alter ego gracing us with a quite machiavellian "Parker"


 Spoiler Free

 Badass Eric Forman.

 Old meets new... cool.

Spider-Man 3 is still not due out for another 10.5 months (May 2007) which just plain sucks because this movie is going to kick so much arse you will have to have extra padded seats.


Second piece of geeky media, and ultimately boring when compared to the ubery-awesomeyness (That is now a word) of the Spidey trailer, is the first picture of a Transformer from the upcoming live-action Transformers movie. It is a photo of one of the full sized models built for some of the less action packed shots and for something the actors can act at, it is at a weird angle so not much can be seen but still cool neither the less.

(Click to Enlarge)


Site update.

I have just updated the site a little by changing the Movie, Tech and Games pages layout and I also added automatically updating links to the most popular Digg articles on each topic. The news articles displayed at Digg are posted and voted on by the users so they are usually a good read. Also the forums are now up (though a little bare), so swing by and have a chat.

As this site is forever changing I'm not sure how long it will stay this way, but I hope you enjoy it. 


Superma.... WRONG!!!

The guys behind the Superman Returns official site must of realised (like me) that the best part of the trailers is when Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) yells "WRONG!!" into Lois Lane's (Kate Bosworth) face.

Check out the alterations to the official Superman Returns site here, for more of Lex check out his MySpace Page and this random internet thingy.

Also some awesome person has made Lego versions of both the teaser and theater trailers so check them out for a laugh.



Trailers, trailers and more trailers.

A slew of new trailers have been released over the week so I thought I would pick out the somewhat interesting ones.

The Groomsmen: Main reason this stood out was because I'm a big fan of John Leguizamo and Matthew Lillard so it's good to see them in a movie together. The Groomsmen seems to be your run of the mill sudo-dramedy with the main guys, Ed Burns, life changing from a young man and one of the boys to a husband and father. With quite a bit of talent in it, The Groomsmen looks like an entertaining movie.

The Night Listener: The new Robin Williams thriller, I'm not going to try and describe the plot because with thrillers there are usually heaps of twists and stuff when you see the full film. Also stars Australian actress Toni Collette.

The Puffy Chair: It's a low budget comedy that won a Sundance Film Festival award do I need to say more. Is it just me or do they seem to give those things away like candy?

Accepted: Hilarious looking teen comedy staring teen comedy sidekick Justin Long.

The Namesake: Kal Penn's (Kumar from Harold & Kumar) first romp into drama seems to be a good one with an interesting spin on the old plot about a young New York born Indian man trying to fit in both his world and his parents.

Barnyard: It's animated, which usually means it doesn't matter if it sucks, people will probably love it (Nemo haunts me). Though to this movies defence it does look somewhat amusing.

John Tucker Must Die: Several things to point out. Firstly this movie looks crap, secondly with exception of the numerous sudo-lesbian scenes, thirdly in the poster below the girls crack seems to have been completely air brushed off.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: Interesting Idea and funny looking comedy staring Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman.

Scoop: The genius that is Woody Allen writing, directing and co-staring in this comedy with uber-Aussie Hugh Jackman and uber-Hottie Scarlett Johansson.


10/04/06 *Updated: 20/06/06*

World of Warcraft the movie.

Update: Recently a source has released that Steven Spielberg will be directing the World of Warcraft movie, now as cool as that is this is unfortunately just a rumour. The source has since disappeared and the fact that Spielberg currently has five movies in the works this rumour seems unlikely. World of Warcraft is set for a 2009 release. 

The buzz around town is that the insanely popular massively multiplayer online role playing game, World of Warcraft is being made into a movie.

Actually it's more than just buzz as Warner Brothers based production company Legendary Pictures has picked up the film rights to the game and will be developing a feature live-action film in conjunction with the games creators Blizzard Entertainment.

This is some cool news and if anyone can make a good Warcraft movie it's the guys from Legendary, who also worked with Warner Brothers to make Batman Begins and the upcoming Superman Returns.

You can check out Blizzards official press release here.



Talladega Nights trailer.

Thank the baby Jesus and Tom Cruise that the new trailer for Will Ferrell's new movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is out.

This hilarious trailer is just another addition to the long list of reasons why you should see this movie, currently the list is at:

1. From the creators of Anchorman and 40 Year Old Virgin

2. Will Ferrell.

3. This trailer.

Check out the trailer here, in Windows Media or Quicktime.


Peter Griffin's wise words to Harvard students.

I don't know what kind of guest speakers you guys had at your schools but I remember the wise words of the local Pharmacy owner and the amusing anecdotes of that guy who says he’s an actor but no one has any clue what show/movie he was in.

Well the students of Harvard University were given a treat when their guest speaker turned out to be voice actor and creator of the hit animated shows Family Guy and American Dad, Seth MacFarlane.

MacFarlane had the audience rolling on their backs with tears of laughter in their eyes as he gave them wise words, STD jokes and some of his more popular voices. He even has time to take a couple of jabs at South Park.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Peter Griffin

Part 3: Stewie Griffin

Part 4: Quagmire



Transformers, robots in the sky? 

The teaser poster for the upcomming live-action Transformers movie has been released and I think "cool" pretty much sums it up.

(click to enlarge)

I know I'm looking forward to this movie; my geekiness is cranked up to 10 and for just so many reasons.

1. If Michael Bay can do anything its epic action.

2. Dude, it's the Transformers.

3. Decent cast, I am a big fan of Michael Clark Ducan (The Green Mile, The Island), and the human star of the film Shia LaBeouf (Holes, I, Robot, Constantine).

4. Giant shinny robots!

5. So far the names of the actors voicing the robots haven't been released which I believe means they will use the original cast for at least some of the main characters, like Optimus.

6. With Tag lines like "Their War, Our World" you know there’s going to be some bad ass robots smashing shit.

Also you can check out the official website that has an awesome animated version of the poster plus spooky music, as well as a timer counting down until the teaser trailer, approx. 25 days from today.


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Golddigger Spoof (feat. Carlos Mencia & Aries Spears) 

Diggnation Commercial

Lazy Sunday Rap (SNL)

Natalie Portman Rap (SNL)

Nintendo Cartoon Hour

Funeral Ganking

Dragnet Rap (feat. Tom Hanks & Dan Ackroyd)

Heat vision & Jack

John Madden Quick Pop Popcorn Popper

Gamers getting owned

Dont copy that floppy

Chuck Norris reading Chuck Norris facts

Real Ninjas

Treat your mother right