Start of Nationals '09
Mary and Alona

Snipe Fleet 52

The Charleston Snipe Fleet, Fleet 52, is home of one of the finest one-design dinghies in the world.  We are passionate about our class and our boats.  Take a look around our site and you'll see why the class's official motto is “Serious Sailing, Serious Fun”®
The Snipe is the oldest active one-design racing class in the world, and has a 700+ member following in the US.  There are 58 fleets in the US and over 30 fleets internationally.  The class has an excellent, highly-structured leadership and as a result is still growing while many classes are shrinking.

It is a technical boat with a plethora of "strings to pull", a mast that can be tuned on the fly, a whisker pole for the jib, and hard chines for quick planning.  Its wide range of tuning makes it a fun boat to sail in all winds, and offers a continual challenge so one is always learning.  The class draws crew of all ages, and features participants from 7 to 70 years old.  It is a good family-friendly fleet with many venues offering daycare, separate awards for top husband and wife teams, and many parent/child teams at each event.  The “one-design-ness” of the boat still holds true with many competitive molds from the 70's and 80's to brand new hulls still being produced today.

The Snipe at a Glance

LOA: 15' 6"
LWL:  13' 6"
Beam:  5"
Draft: 3' 3" (board down)

Total Sail Area: 128 sq ft
Min Weight: 381 lbs
Crew: 2

Construction: Fiberglass (some wooden)

Configuration: Sloop rigged (fractional)

Class Founded: 1931 by Bill Crosby

Fun: Mandatory!