Take the ultimate test.

You are a robot. You need to be tested. Every robot does.

In the year 2047, scientists all over the world are competing to make the greatest robot. One company, Gravity Systems, had come up with an idea never thought of before. They thought that a robot, shaped like a sphere, would have no chances of loss of stability, and would have extreme maneuverability. So, the scientists of this company started working on this idea, and came up with a working prototype by 2054. They named it GraLL, an acronym for Gravity BaLL. The last two letters were capitalised because it looked better that way. They carried out every sort of test imaginable, and yet the chairman was not satisfied. He wanted a mega test, a test no other robot would be able to pass through. So, the scientists got to work again, and got the test ready by 2065. This test was riddled with traps, doors, keys, acid, crates, enemies and a lot of other things. There was only one thing left to do. Put GraLL in there and see what it would do.


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