I will be joining the CS department at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill soon!

I am an Assistant Professor at UC-Santa Cruz. Before this, I was a postdoctoral researcher in Dan Roth's  group at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I finished my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park working with Dr. Hal Daume III

Before joining UMD, I was a Blue Scholar in the Information Management team at IBM-India Research Labs, New Delhi from Aug. 2009 to Aug. 2011.

My undergraduate years were spent in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur from where I graduated in 2009 as a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. My bachelor's thesis, advised by Dr. Harish Karnick, focused on the problem of predicting cardiological conditions from automatic analysis of ECG signals.

CMPS 142/CSE 142 related note: I cannot hand out permission codes. Please don't ask me for one. If you couldn't get into the class, there will be a waitlist during the second pass of enrollment. Please sign up for that.

Note for prospective students: Even though I would love to, it is not possible for me to respond to all emails from prospective students. If you are interested in working with me, please apply to UCSC's PhD program in CS and mention my name in your statement-of-purpose. Depending on the pool of applicants and my funding situation, I intend to admit either 0 or 1 student every year. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide an estimate of an individual's likelihood of getting into the program without looking at all applicants. Please do not ask me to do that. Also, I don't have summer internship positions in my lab. If you have a question that was not answered here and you are sending me an email,  include "CMPS" in your subject so that it doesn't go to my spam folder and I know that you have read this :)

General advice for new CS students. 


-- April 2018: Joining as an Assistant professor at UCSC
-- April 8, 2016: Defended my dissertation
-- December 10, 2015: Magazine article on our work here
-- November 12, 2015: 3 papers (on desire fulfillment and relationship modeling) accepted for presentation at AAAI 2016
-- August 21, 2015: Selected for attending the WPI STEM Faculty Launch Program 
-- April 22, 2015: Awarded the Kulkarni Summer Research Fellowship by UMD for this summer.
-- March 12, 2015: My IBM PhD Fellowship was renewed. Thanks IBM :) News on CS@UMD
-- October 10, 2014: Won first place at the ACM SRC (Student Research Competition) held at Grace Hopper Conference, 2014.  News on ACM webpage. (experience(slides) (poster) (twitter
-- April 18, 2014: Will be going back to IBM T J Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights for internship this summer. I will be working with Dmitry MalioutovRick Lawrence and team.
-- Mar 5, 2014: Our paper titled 'Predicting Instructor Intervention in MOOC Forums' was accepted for presentation at ACL 2014
-- Feb 25, 2014: Won best poster award at Google DC PhD Summit, Washington DC
-- Feb 18,2014: Received IBM PhD Fellowship, 2014-15. News on CS@UMD's webpage.
-- December 27, 2013: Paper on 'Joint Question Clustering and Relevance Prediction for Open Domain Non-Factoid Question Answering' accepted at WWW2014
-- October 5, 2013: Attended the Grace Hopper Conference, 2013
-- September 18, 2013: Paper on 'Discriminatively Enhanced Topic Models' accepted in ICDM, 2013
-- July 23, 2013: Got the Grace Hopper Scholarship to attend the conference (view my profile here) Will be in Minneapolis in October.
-- Summer, 2013: I am an intern at IBM TJ Watson research Center working on QA with Vittorio Castelli and team.
-- Got my RA appointment letter for Spring 2012. I'll be working with Dr. Hal Daume III
--Attended Google Grad CS Forum at Mountain View, California, January 18-20, 2012

-- Found links to the Google India Women in Engineering Award :) herehere and here and also to IITK convocation awards see page 39