Dec13th Bio

M. 12/13/03 Living in Massachusetts

Our house is a Cape built in the 1950's.  It's 3 br 1&1/2 bath.  Right now we use the 3rd br on the main level as a dining room.  We're thinking about expanding the kitchen into the breezeway and then moving the dining furniture to that area and having an office and some ME space.

The kitchen when we purchased 2003:



























Our kitchen being painted-2003:




























Bye Bye nasty old linolum!












Hello snap&lock hw:











Our 3rd bedroom on main level that is now being used as a dining room:

With our stuff during moving and wedding planning:

Bright yellow walls, but, our old furniture.  I've got to take some new pic's:

 Dining Room -2008:


Our living room, seller's stuff of course:

Bye Bye pink carpet:

The in-between stage - my old futon (it's since been curb-cycled):

 How it looks now:




 Downstairs 1/2 bath 2003:

1/2 bath 2007:

Hallway to upstairs:

I bet I'll start a tree mural theme, tee hee.

Bedroom #2 Upstairs-2003:

now 2008:








Our full bath which is upstairs, oddly enough.

Our full bath now (it's seriously the smallest full bath I have EVER seen).

Our sign says "Live, Laugh, Love" in Irish (I hope, lol).  This sink ain't going anywhere

it's a custom jobber and if it didn't have the angled sides the door couldn't open/close.


Our master bedroom.  It's hard to see but there were once matching borders in the two upstairs rooms.



We went from pink to a cheese-cloth'd blue/purple.  But, now we've got a light green/blue called Antique Map Green.  Here's the primer:

Here's the green:

Our hedboard is 2 of the mandal's from Ikea:



The view as you walk in the front door. 



DIY Section:

I needed something cool for an empty wall where I hoped to put some pictures.  I came up w/ the idea and DH made it for me.  Large Framed Wall Corkboard: