Please Tell the World how much Fun you had Riding with Us

We take family pride in trying to make sure everyone has some down to earth fun that they will remember for a life-time. Read what some of our satisfied customers have said about us!
(We are family owned and at times our kids do go on rides)
YES! This was so full of win I'm not sure I can even describe it accurately in a review; can I just squee loudly? That's universal, right?
OK, OK, I will try and describe how much amazing fun this was! First off, it's not too hard to find IF you know where you're going. If you turn right off of 61st Street onto Seawall Blvd, keep going until you get to Jamaica Beach (about 11 miles or so). About a quarter mile past the stoplight there is the Jamaica Beach RV Park on the right; right past that is a private dirt road with some small signs that say S-n-G Horseback Riding. Turn right there. Be careful! It's a rutted dirt road, so don't zoom on in even if you are super excited to be there!
When we got there the girl was waiting with the horses and we just parked on the side. She was super sweet (wish I remembered her name) and helped us on the horses. Well, she helped me because I'm short and couldn't get my leg up over the saddle (man my old riding instructor would be so unhappy with We decided on a bay ride partly because of the cost, as it's $30 for an hour. The beach ride is $45 for an hour. Definitely both a great deal, but we were on a little bit of a budget and the bay ride worked. In fact I'm super glad we got the bay ride; it was just my friend and I and the guide and there was nobody around. It was quiet and peaceful and the birds were chirping and the sun was shining and the saddle leather creaked enchantingly...inasmuch as saddle leather can be enchanting.
The horses were great. They were calm but responded well to us wanting to move faster than a walk and I liked that we were able to guide them and they didn't just follow nose to tail like on other trail rides. She said they have horses for all levels so if you need/want a more experienced horse, or if you've never been on a horse before, you can let them know when you make reservations.
We had so much fun, although it was still a little muddy from some recent rain. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes; tennis shoes are fine but they discourage flip-flops as they fall off and have to be picked up. In the summer months they need a reservation at least 24 hours in advance, but it's probably good to call ahead as soon as you know you want to go. And they only take cash. So make sure you have that on ATMs out there! :)
If you want a fun, family friendly experience that will leave you full of memories and squee, I would recommend this place wholeheartedly! If you get to ride Trigger, give him a pat for me and make sure you don't give him too much attention in front of his girlfriend, Valentine. She gets super jealous!
Kimberly L.
Hey Charly and family;
I first took my family out there on Luans birthday in Febuary and man we had a blast we now go as much as we can .I would like to tell anyone that has their doughts about riding SNG is the place to go from the novice to expeirance riders,i also would like to share that while on vacation this year,I went horseback riding with other outfits and I can tell you that SNG has been the best the wranglers are awesome yes Nicole I am talking about you haha,but serious they are all awesome,they are a family based,by the way I bookes another ride for Saturday so if you would like to have fun horseback riding I give 2 thumbs up.
thank you
Russell E Duggins Sr
p.s. go to SNG HORSEBACKRIDING on facebook I have posted many pictures you will even see me riding with my granddaughter that is only 18 months old

Hi ,

We had a great time this last Saturday. We were your 11:30 appointment. I wanted to throw out two small suggestions that could help your business and improve your bottom line. All in the interest of helping your business be successful. Our guide was great. Very nice and polite and did a great job.


We wanted to say thank you for such an amazing experience. I am so happy that I found S&G Horseback Riding prior to a short vacation to Galveston Island. I made reservations for the sunrise ride on the beach & I didn't imagine that it would have been sooo much fun. Malcolm and I had no riding experience & other than the pictures & testimonials from the website, I didn't know what I may have gotten us into. We have been together quite some time & have done a number of things together, but this was probably one of the most fun & enjoyable experiences we've shared. Nicole was great...unfortunately I didn't get the name of the younger rider who accompanied her as a guide as well, but she was very helpful too. I cant imagine ever visiting this area again & not coming back to S&G! Thank you guys so much for making our trip so memorable! :)

Nicole Malveaux & Malcolm Lago

Hi Charly,
I’m Javier (we talked last week about riding your horses this last saturday…)

My fiance (Heidy) and I had a very good experience with your horseback riding services last Saturday Morning. We are very happy because of that, was a very good birthday present for her!
Have a great day,

Hello, my name is Shawn. Me and my wife celebrated our ten year anniversary this Thursday with you guys. I wanted to drop you a line to let you know what an amazing time me and my wife and our family had on our ride Thursday evening. And an overwhelming thank you to Trey! I have no doubt that the reason for such a great experience starts with countless hours of training and preparation of your horses, but I also believe that without a quality wrangler it may all be for not. Our experience was nothing short of perfect! The horses were a perfect fit for our inexperience and the pace of the ride was relaxing and so enjoyable. Trey's knowledge, talent, professionalism, and friendly personality all melded into an experience that made it seem as if he was an old family friend. Thank you SNG for helping me and my wife and our family create a life long memory that will never be forgotten! Thank you Trey, and may God bless you in all that in all that you do!

Shawn and Felicia Sosa
Comments : "Hello;Charlie,Terri,Nicole,and Dakota

I wanted to let yall know how much of a great time we had with yall, it was awesome my granddaughter even though she was tired she loved it that is all she is saying is rambo, and Luan said it was her best birthday yet, now for the other 3 lil russ, megan and laura they where novice riders and are already talking about going again, so let me say this I want to thank you and all your family for making mine have a very rememberable day
thank you"
Russell E Duggins Sr.
"We decided to take a sunset ride with SNG this summer. I have never ridden a horse before, but my wife and daughter had. We also took our autistic son. We all had a great time and will have memories for a lifetime. The horses were all very gentle and the owners were very patient with each of us. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to find something great to do that will leave a memory of a lifetime."
"Our 7 year old loves horses and has always wanted to go riding so we were excited when we found S-n-G while we were on our Thanksgiving trip to Galveston. S-n-G was helpful with our questions and very friendly to work with. The guides were great and the horses were great for young kids with no riding experience. My 7 year old loved "Nugget" and was so sad when we got home because she missed 'Nugget". The location is wonderful for kids. The choice to ride on the bay side or beach is nice. The bay side is recommended for kids with little to no riding experience. It was nice to ride side-by-side to be able to talk to each other. They also allowed one of us (who was not riding as they had to watch the baby) to drive down to the bay in the car to take some pictures of everyone on their horse."
"great experience for the family, we went with ours and the horses were amazing as well as their owners, very nice, pleasant and down to earth, I could tell right off that the owners really cared about their horses and alot of time and energy was spent with them. the horses were calm, well-behaved and friendly. the people were very informational friendly and great to spend the hr long ride with, we went toward the bay which was relaxing and all 7 of us agree that we will be doing it again with our next visit and definitely would recommend these people to anyone. I personally have been on several group horse riding experiences and I would definitely say this was the best. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening with your horses. See you next time, Julie" 
"We took our 4 and 2 year old children to Galveston so they could ride a horse. Although I was nervous, it was an amazing experience! The husband and wife team were calm and relaxed through our hour ride. Their children also helped us along the trail when we needed extra help! Cash pay only. Would recommend to anyone--$30/hr for each adult and $15 for the kids. Will will do it again!"         Jackie
"This place is amazing for familys we had a party of eight with 2 kids that were 5 and 8 and the horses were so tame. We had a wonderful time the owners were the sweetest people ever very down too earth all around nice people. We did the ride at bay and it was absolutely beautiful a little hot but it was very much worth it. If you want too hanve a good time ridding horses with your family this is the place too come."         Emily
"My daughter, granddaughter and I had a wonderful experience with these folks. The place was beautiful and the horses were very well behaved. I would recommend them."         Sarah
"My family and I booked an appointment recently and we are so happy we did! We have 2 special needs children and the family that owns this company was right there the entire time to comfort us. They started out taking the time to fit us to the right horse and really took their time making sure everyone was 100% ready before we began. The ride was perfect! It had beautiful scenery, the horses were calm and gentle and we all had so much fun! We will definately use them again and again."            Laurie
"This place is the real deal! Accomodated a party of 7 riders with varied skill levels with ease. Warm, genuine couple who have a very clear love and understanding of their horses. Took a great ride along the tidal bay. Scenic, fun, affordable. Cant beat it."          Laura
Hi Charles,
"We are back in Wisconsin and are supposed to get up to 60 today which is great for here. Plus we missed the rain by you.  Just wanted to tell you that the horse back ride was the highlight for me and my granddaughter. She is still talking about Nugget. She had so much fun trotting him. Nice little pony you have there.
You had asked about Angel and I said she was a great horse
Hope you have a successful season and the horses do well".
Sandy Hardie
Leonardo F. 
League City, TX
"We had an awesome time during spring break. Our family of four took the sunset tour. The staff were very friendly. It was our first ever to ride horses. Our kids 12 and 8 had so much fun riding their horses. The horses were well-trained and easy to control. We would definitely do it again!"
"Hey, just wanted to say Thanx for a great ride today! Y'all were very fun and the horses were great! I sent you guys a great review on your website. Thanx again and God bless!"
David & Dale
 My mother and I brought my niece and my 2 boys out on the 11th of June. We had a great time! My 8 yr old can't stop talking about Luna. My 17 yr old niece even says it was the best day ever even though she lost her iphone at Stewart beach right before our ride! That's saying alot! Our guide was awesome with my older son. Thanks for the great memories and please tell Bob, Luna, Trigger and Wardog we said Hello! I'm hoping to bring my husband back there soon!

My daughter, sister in law and nephew and i went on one of ur outings by the beach this past Sunday. What a special experience! Just wanted to let u guys know that the two ladies that guided us were very helpful and nice. We can't stop talking about it to friends and family. Thank u so much for ur patience, kindness. The horses were awesome! Thank u