I am a Principal Engineer in the Xilinx Research Labs investigating various aspects of system design for FPGAs.

Previously I was a Product Architect working on High Level Synthesis.

You can reach me at firstname.lastname@xilinx.com


University of Maryland, College Park

University Honors

University of California, Berkeley

Advisor: Dr. Edward Lee

Thesis: Actor-Oriented Metaprogramming

Research Interests

    • High-level Synthesis for FPGAs
    • FPGA applications focusing on computer vision and data center
    • FPGA platforms and system infrastructure
    • Component-based modeling and design of embedded systems
    • Design tools enabling refinement from models to implementation
    • Formal system description (semantics, type theory, static analysis)
    • The distribution of publication-quality research software


A Free and Open Source introductory textbook focused on using HLS for FPGA design.

    • Vivado HLS
    • Vivado HLS synthesizes C/C++ and SystemC into efficient pipelined FPGA implementations across a wide variety of applications, including video processing, wireless, control systems, medical imaging, and the data center.
  • Linux on PowerPC, Microblaze, and ARM processors embedded in FPGAs.
    • Ptolemy II
    • Ptolemy II is an component-based system modeling tool based on multiple models of computation in system design.
    • Vergil
    • Vergil is a block-diagram user interface for Ptolemy II.
    • Copernicus
    • Copernicus generates code from Ptolemy II models using component specialization.
    • Diva
    • Diva is a Java-based infrastructure for system visualization and as basis for graphical user interfaces.
    • PinballRedemption Machine Project
    • A student-designed and built pinball redemption machine.