Play SNES roms on Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi XL R4i SDHC


SNES emulator for DS, coded by Loopy.

Download snesDS

After downloading snes DS - Nintendo Super NES emulator for DS:

* GBA:  Run snesDS.exe to build a .DS.GBA file for running from a GBA flash cart.

* NDS:  Run make_nds.bat to build a .NDS file that can be run from WiFi download, GBA Movie Player, etc.  For GBAMP, save without adding any snes roms, and copy your SNES games to the CF card.  NDSTOOL.EXE is also required for building NDS files. This can be found at  


  1. Get from the official site
  2. Unzip somewere and start snesDS.exe
  3. Click on the open folder at the bottom left to browse to snes roms directory (your unzipped snes roms should be there)
  4. Press the "save" button and save the snesDS.ds.gba file



  1. Flash the snesDS.ds.gba file to your GBA flash card
  2. Boot into DS mode using either PassMe or FlashMe


  1. Turn on your Nintendo DS in DS mode
  2. You should see the snesDS file
  3. Select it and press "A" button
  4. You should now see a menu in the lower screen
  5. Touch the game you want to play and you should be ready to go.



SNES Top ROMs Emulation

Like the NES before it, the SNES has retained interest among its fans even following its decline in the marketplace. It has continued to thrive on the second-hand market and through console emulation. Many gamers discovered the SNES after its decline. The SNES has taken much the same revival path as the NES.

Emulation projects began in 1996 with projects such as "VSMC" and "Super Pasofami," which, despite some important initial gains, did not last long past 1998. During that time, two competing emulation projects--Snes96 and Snes97--merged forming a new initiative entitled Snes9x. In early 1998, SNES enthusiasts began programming a console emulator named ZSNES. From then on, these two emulators have continued to offer the most complete emulation of the system and its various add-on chips like the Super FX Chip, although development continues on other emulators as well. Download SNES Mario Emulators.

Nintendo took the same stance against the distribution of SNES ROM image files and emulation as it did with the NES, insisting that they represented flagrant software piracy. Proponents of SNES emulation cite as arguments for their continued distribution: the discontinued production of the SNES, the right of the owner of the respective game to make a personal backup, the frailty of SNES cartridges (even though cartridges are far more durable than optical discs), and the lack of certain foreign imports. Starting in the 128-bit era, both Nintendo and emulation proponents began to have a less active stance on this issue.

Despite Nintendo's attempts to stop the proliferation of such projects, Mario ROM files continue to be available on the Internet. Since the console's discontinuation, second-hand market decline, and rapid growth of the Internet, finding the files has become less of a challenge than it had been with the NES. Most general ROM sites offer files for the SNES.

The SNES was one of the first systems to attract the attention of amateur fan translators: Final Fantasy V was the first major work of fan translation to be completed, in 1997.


snesDS - Supercard Usage

Perform the steps in Building above
Rename the output file to snesDS.nds (just plain rename, no tools needed)
Drag this file to your CF or SD cart.
Put the CF/SD in your supercard
Put the superpass and the supercard in your DS - home of the Nintendo DS emulator DeSmuME
gameboy help - if you ever need help with GBA, GAMEBOY micro or Advance SP.
nds roms - nds roms links and emulator downloads

snesDS - M3 CF / SD Adapter Usage

DeSmuME DS Emulator - Best Nintendo DS Emulators - GAMEBOY help files - GBAemu GBA emulator - GBXemu - Play NDSemu NDS Game backups - DSi & NDS roms - PSP roms & iso torrents - snesDS run SuperNES on DS

weebly counter

Download the latest
Extract it somewhere and run snesDS.exe
Run make_nds.bat
Dont add any files to the list that shows up, just hit save
That will make a file called snesDS.nds, put it somewhere on your m3 card. (I made a folder called snesDS)
Put your roms somewhere on your card (I put them in a seperate folder in the snesDS folder [/snesDS/Roms])
Turn on your DS and run snesDS.nds
Go to wherever you put your roms and select one to play it


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