Love Your Enemy?
Appreciate your courage in mentioning the truth.  I would like to add few more points to your article.
In Kerala, almost all churches holds a board outside it stating "Enter barefoot" or  “Pallikk akathu Paadarakshkal Paadilla."  I have seen many priests entering 'Altar' wearing shoes. Is this rule not applicable to them?
On a Sunday during the "Paada Pusthakam (Matham Illatha Jeevan)" problem , I went to a Latin Catholic church in Trivandrum.  The priest during his sermon mentioned that the Communists are against the Catholic Church.   So they are our enemies and we have to fight against our enemies with tooth and nail.  I was wondering the same priest on the previous Sunday explained that we need to love everyone, even our enemies.  What m I supposed to learn from these contradictory statements?
A recent change implemented in my parish is that "No car parking" in the area surrounding the church.  The church bought a separate land near it for car parking and put a board  Malayalam: Car Parking Prohibited in Church Premises.
The irony is that cars of Parish Priest and his fellow-priests could be parked anywhere even under that  board!
There is no difference between the communist ministers (who travel in the most luxurious cars in Kerala, talking about helping poor people and barking against the luxurious lifestyles of foreign countries) and the Parish Priests in Kerala.
Don't they understand that times have changed.
Yes - Chevi Ullavan Kelkkatte!

Chevi Ullavar Kelkatte
I read in an American publication that 60% of Catholic Youth there believe in God and they pray to God, but they don't have faith in Catholic Churches.  80% among them feel: "When we go to church, we get a feeling of entering a shop were the shopkeeper is trying to get money out of us by selling a low quality product."  They sell Christianity in low quality and try to get money. Some of them never learn that respect should be gained by giving respect to common people.  Instead, they try to gain respect by threatening us or by enforcing hostile rules and regulations on us.
As Sajith mentioned, "Paapam Cheyyathavar SnehaSandesathine Kalleriyatte".  I wish to add one more adage in Malayalam,  "Chevi ullavar Kelkkatte!"
A reader from USA.

Papam cheyyathawar kalleriyatte
I really appreciate the courage you have shown in highlighting hypocrisy of many of our parish priests. I believe that there are many  priests who are good and humble but still you will find in today's world businessmen priests who are either looking for material gain or fame. Very few people have the guts to tell them on their face the truth. Let this be an eye opener for these priests to be more accommodating. Let them also realize that there are people outside their domain who are more intellectual than them as well.
Papam Cheyyatha Pallilachanmar Snehasandeshathine Kalleriyatte
Sajith Unni (UAE)

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