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WebSphere Compute Grid Presentations

WebSphere Compute Grid Summary:

  • Designing Batch Processing Systems: WebSphere Compute Grid Technical Overview

    Batch processing is a fundamental computing paradigm within enterprise application infrastructures. Batch applications are responsible for end of day/week/month/quarter processing, report generation, and other data-intensive processing tasks. This session will discuss the characteristics and challenges of designing batch processing systems, and provide customer experiences, application & system design best practices

  • Developing Batch Applications

    Designing batch applications can be challenging task. Both agility and performance are critical, where services can be shared across different domains: batch, online transactional processing, MQ/real-time, etc without sacrificing the performance optimizations that each domain brings to the table. This session will discuss design patterns, methodologies, principles for building agile, high performance batch applications.

  • Modern Batch Processing at Swiss Reinsurance

    WebSphere XD Compute Grid for z/OS provides a java-based batch runtime infrastructure built upon WebSphere Application Server for z/OS. This session will describe how Compute Grid for z/OS has been deployed at a major European customer- their runtime infrastructure, their application design, migration strategies from MVS Batch to XD Batch, and an overview of the decisions that led us down each of these paths

  • Delivering Business Value with WebSphere compute Grid

    Batch processing remains a mission critical workload for many enterprises. Existing batch applications have developed over time in a “home-grown” and silo'd fashion, with each application providing the underlying services required for the processing to occur. With today’s emphasis on reducing costs while satisfying ever-growing demands for business agility and increased efficiency, pressure has been placed on enterprises to improve the operations, development and maintenance of their batch systems. New requirements must also be addressed such as reduced windows for operation and increases in data that makes it imperative for batch systems to scale and perform.

Snehal Antani,
Jan 27, 2010, 3:14 AM
Snehal Antani,
Jan 27, 2010, 3:16 AM