• 2011 WebSphere Technical Conference - Berlin

    Collection of presentations given at the 2011 WebSphere Technical Conference in Berlin, Germany. Topics include Private Cloud Computing, Designing Highly Scalable Applications, and Designing Batch Processing Systems. 

  • IBM's Private Cloud Strategy

    For enterprise customers, cloud computing is about evolving their datacenter, where they virtualize, standardize, and automate their middleware infrastructure to improve time-to-market and reduce costs. This presentation discusses the challenges of building private clouds, and provides a methodology for how customers can evolve their middleware infrastructures to become a private cloud.

  • Building Resilient SOA Infrastructures

    Resiliency  ódefined as the continued availability and performance of a service despite negative changes in its environmentóis vital in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). An SOA infrastructure must ensure that a service is highly available regardless of unpredictable conditions, such as sudden and significant degradation of network latency, increase in database response times, or degradation of dependant services. This session describes design issues and techniques for building resilient SOA infrastructures, describes how WebSphere Application Server for z/OS as well as WebSphere Virtual Enterprise can improve the resiliency of your middleware infrastructure.

  • WebSphere Compute Grid Presentations

    Collection of presentations on WebSphere Compute Grid, including a technical introduction, approaches for building batch applications, a customer presentation from the Impact 2008 conference, and a business-value focused deck.