Snehal S. Antani



About Me:

I'm a passionate, commercially driven CIO/CTO, focused on enabling global organizations to quickly deliver more value to customers, execute faster than their competitors, and become the disruptor, not the disrupted.

Prior to Splunk, I was CIO of North America Distribution Finance at GE Capital. My role focused on leveraging technology to drive business model innovation for the inventory finance and equipment leasing businesses, blurring the lines between business and IT. I also served as the chief architect for GE Capital Americas, leading the IT and cultural transformation to operate with commercial intensity and move at market speed using cloud, DevOps, and continuous insights. You can watch my keynote on this transformation at:

Prior to GE, I was part of IBM's Software Group, where I held roles in product development, field services, product management, and the emerging technologies team. I led the product strategy for private cloud & platform-as-a-service, and helped develop enterprise technologies for data processing and systems optimization. This work led to numerous patents (10 granted) and global leadership experience, with international assignments in mature & growth markets.

Throughout my career, I've adhered to a simple set of principles: 

1. Always do what’s right for the business, not what’s politically popular. 

2. Respectful discourse is the only discourse. 

3. Listen to the data, and let the results do all the talking

4. Trust and empower until proven otherwise

5. Promote a culture of continuous improvement, not whodunnit 

What motivates me:

1. Challenge! I enjoy hyper-growth, turnaround's, & transformations

2. Culture. My passion is my fuel; I thrive in an entrepreneurial environment

3. Purpose. I want to leave a mark on the world, to help transform peoples lives for the better

4. Impact. I'm not here to be incremental