Industrial Work



  • Software Analyst, Verizon Data Service India Pvt. Ltd., Dec 2006 - June 2007. 
  • Software Engineer, Verizon Data Service India Pvt. Ltd., June 2005 – Nov 2006


 Set Top Box Client - Verizon FiOS TV (04/01/06 - 06/29/07)

Software’s used:  C/C++, Motorola DCT API                                 Compilers:  Cygwin, CodeWarrior

Product developed for Verizon’s FTTP customers

Description :  Set Top Box Client is an embedded application which runs in Motorola’s STBs. It is aimed at the FTTP (Fiber to the premises) customers who receive audio, video and data through Fiber. It runs on DCT API developed by Motorola with the OS being Cygwin for Core STB and CodeWarrior for Advanced STB. It has five entities in it viz, Application, Middleware, Abstraction Layer, Operating Systems & Hardware Our Application interacts directly with the hardware by making use of DCT APIs provided by Motorola. The application contains logic for both the User Interfaces and Middleware of various modules.


• Developing the middleware of Favorites module which allows a user to assign channels as Favorite channels using the remote. These favorite channels are accessible to the user through various features running on the STB.

• Developing a prototype of the Call Center Application’s server, which runs on the Set Top Box and takes snapshots of the application on the TV and streams it to the a client PC connected to the Server using TCP IP protocol. This application enables Call Center service people to connect to the Set Top Box of a client remotely and to resolve their

• Developing Fantasy Football Application client in collaboration with ESPN for Verizon’s STB. This application is used by Registered Fantasy Football players to look at how the team they have formed is scoring during an ongoing Football match in ESPN.

• Developing User Interface for Pay-per-view(PPV). PPV is a feature where the user can buy events/programs which are telecast targeting only the customers who are authorized to view it by purchasing it. 

• Designing and coding the client side module for Message Center which is a feature using which Verizon / third party can promulgate messages targeting a particular STB/Group of STBs identified by Zip code, customer profile. etc.

• Developing User Interface for the Search module. This application is used to search through the program and movie lists in the Interactive Guide and Video on Demand.

• Reviewing existing modules, coordinating with the respective developer for fixing issues, if any.

 Verizon iobi, RSS Aggregator & Stock Quotes Widget (09/01/05 -  03/31/06)

Softwares used: VC++ / MFC/ COM / ATL / XML / UIML 

Operating System: Any Windows O/S higher or equivalent to 98 version

Product developed for the clients of Verizon. 


iobi : is an integration of three products viz, iobi-Web, iobi-Client and iobi-Phone, access points of which are Web Browser, Desktop application and Verizon Telecom devices respectively. It gives seamless customer experience by making all the Telephone devices of customers integrated through the above said access points which offers features much more than call management. I have been engaged with iobi desktop client application developed in VC++ which communicates with web services through XML/SOAP. iobi as a whole has five abstract layers viz, Client app, Web app, Client-Web services, Bizz layer and Back-end(Data reservoirs). iobi-Client has three layers namely User Interface, Business and Messaging Layer. It has many Plug-ins which are COM components developed through MFC or ATL. Each Plug-in has its own user interfaces and Business layer. Messaging layer takes care of posting requests of Business objects, receiving responses and events from the web services and notifying the Business and UI Objects.

RSS Aggregator : Really Simple Syndication is a concept used by many content publishers to garner and publish any web contents. It comes as a separate plug-in (ActiveX Control) to iobi-client application which enables user to subscribe, export, import and view and share various Blogs and RSS Links. It also fetches the Blogs available in Address- Book(separate plug-in of iobi). It also automatically notifies the user through toasts of updated news articles that the user has subscribed to. It has most of the requirements laid down by Microsoft for a good aggregator to have.

Stock Quotes : This is another feature iobi offers. The user can subscribe to any company code and watch its trend. This module hits third party Web Services to obtain data and displays the information on the Homepage of the iobi.


• Gathering requirements and assessing how to integrate RSS Aggregator with iobi application
• Designing, coding, debugging and testing RSS Aggregator.
• Coordinating with the team on various issues with regard to RSS.
• Fixing Incident Reports and Crashes of the iobi-Client application.
• Looking after any issues that arise with respect to Message Center which is a component in iobi.