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A game of anagrams

Trial expires Feb 1, 2009.  Full version will sell for $1

Use the given letters to find 3, 4, 5 and 6 letter words
Find a 6 letter word to go to the next level

Press the "Wrench" button, space key, or shake the phone to reorder the given letters

Accepts touch screen, trackball, and keyboard controls

WordWrench is currently Trial Software which means it is free for now.  Click here for more information.

*HVGA Screenshots from my Android Dev Phone 1

This game works in both portrait and landscape mode.  You can use the touchscreen, trackball, or keyboard to navigate the entire game.  You can also shake the phone to "wrench" the letters around.  Supports sounds and vibrations.

When the market allows developers to charge for applications I will put up a non time restricted version for $1, and I will also put up a demo version with a very limited dictionary for free so that newcomers can try before they buy.  Charging for an app may not be the most popular thing, but I definitely put in a lot of work on this game and I think it is the type of game with a high replay rate that would be worth a dollar.

Feel free to let me know what you think

Keyboard Controls
A-Z = Enter the letter
Del = Erase the last letter
Enter = Submit current word
Space = Wrench Word
Left Shift = Empty Word
Right Shift = Last Word

WordWrench README


January 20, 2009
Version 1.5.195
* 6th release
* BUG FIX: Pressing the keyboard sjift key now "light up" the corresponding on screen buttons
* BUG FIX: Improved the code behind detecting the "shake to wrench" feature, this time with more physics
* ENHANCEMENT: Added en_US local

January 20, 2009
Version 1.4.1912

* 4th release
* Fix random shuffle of letters
** I was incorrectly assuming a base force of 0, when in fact the basic force for each
     axis depends on the devices orientation.  I added the code to get the orientation
     (roll and pitch) and calculate the base force off of that and then do a check for anomalies
* Added a 1000 point bonus for figuring out all of the words before the timer runs out
* Add full screen option
** accessed via the menu*>more button
* Add auto rotate support
** accessed via the menu*>more button
* Faster switching on screen orientation changes
** ignore request to destroy and recreate application, just let the surface view callbacks take care of it all
* look into anagrams that fill the possible words text area and slow down the overall performance of the app
** now all possible words list will be at least 10 words long but no more than 50
* Add a unlimited timeout option

January 17, 2009
Version 1.2.181
* 3rd release
* Trial release, trial ends Feb 1, 2009
* Fixed a crash involving null bitmaps in the doDraw method
* Fixed a crash involving not dismissing a progress dialog and the system dismissing it when there is not parent view
* When all words have been guessed then the round ends
* Make the shake to wrench function a little bit more sensitive

January 17, 2009
Version 1.1.179
* 2nd release
* Trial release, trial ends Feb 1, 2009
* Removed choice of multiple word lists
* Removed all previous word lists
* Only uses a modified 2of12inf from the 12dicts project
* Added a readme about the new word list copyrights and the sound opyrights
* Doesn't display high scores by default when paused

Jan 16, 2009
Version 1.0.176
* 1st public release
* Trial release, trial ends Feb 1, 2009

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