Information for Paddlers:
Here are some websites that have answers and are great resources of information about kayaking and canoeing. 
This site contains a lot of info on a lot of subjects, including News, feature articles, equipment, classifieds, on-line store, etc.
PaddleWise is the semi-moderated mailing list established for discussion of all paddling related topics in all areas of the world.  - Training, Safety, Boats, Equipment, Gear, Boat Design, etc.
Promotes sea kayak education.  Click on "Library".   (click on "Stuff" and then on "Paddling Tips")   (lake and river height and flow info)    (time and tide info, weather info)    (time and tide info)    will give you all water conditions in CA. but not ocean tides.

Check out all the sub-headings on these websites, particularly the first two.  There is an amazing amount of information buried within these sites.
Additional websites for looking at gear and equipment: