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The Total Population of Suburbia as of October 20 , 2015 Stands At


As of September 5 , 2015 the total population of the United Counties of Suburbia stands at, 260,058,294,716,185,000,000 making it the most populated country in the world. The nation of Suburbia has the heights urbanization rate in the world at 9.8 % or 2.103 Quintillion . Suburbia is also the most densely populated country in the world with 208.6 million people every square mile. City of Xandar is the most populated city in the nation and in the world with more than 185.2 Quadrillion residents. Birmingham County is the most populated county in the nation with more than 190.21 Quadrillion inhabitance. The national fertility rate in Suburbia stands at , 38.37 Births per Women, which are above the global fertility rate of 18.25. The SNCB estimates that the fertility rate will peak at 50.94 BPW in 2020. So fair in 2015 there have been more than 18.900 quintillion new babies born. With our high population comes many new challenges every day, One of the biggest problems our nation is dealing with in today’s world is, immigration. Our immigration rates are off the charts. So far this year we have let in more than 14.016 Quadrillion immigrants. The total population increase for 2015 currently stands at 100000%.

City of Jacksonville - World Most Populated City

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Birmingham County Most - Populated County in the Nation

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Population Per-Square Mile

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 There are over 12.4 Quadrillion males and 11.5 Quadrillion females currently living in Suburbia as of 2015. The national median age stands as 20.8 years as of this year. The (SNCB) estimates that the population by the end of 2015 could hit 108.6 Quintillion. With a national work force of 10.8 Quintillion , it’s the largest in the world. The (SNJA) stated that the unemployment rate has hit a record low of + 32.40%. The components of population change are as fallowed, 13.697 Quadrillion people every 15 minutes, 27.395 Quadrillion people every 30 minutes, more than 54.791 quadrillion people per hour. Every day our nation’s population goes up more than 1.315 Quintillion people. The (SNCB) stated that by the end of 2015 Suburbia will hold about 60% of the global population.

Total Male Population

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Total Female Population

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The City of Asguard Rail Way System or (ARWS) is the most congested train system in the world. It consists of more than 18,152 trains and 10,980 monorail trains that spread over a distance of 8,867 miles. Every day the (ARWS) carries more than 5.3 Quadrillion passengers across the city and some parts of Amsterdam. Many people around global call the (ARWS) the most overcrowded railway system in the world. Most of the Trains run from 12am to 11pm Monday through Friday and 3am to 12pm on weekends. So far this year the city has expanded the railway system by more than 540 miles. To put it in perspective we compared our railway system to the Mumbai Suburban Railway in India. On average the total number of people who ride the Mumbai Suburban Railway every day is 7.5 million customers. Every year more than 8.6 billion people ride the 2,300 trains across the city. Both of these train systems have pushed to the extreme limits of transportation.

The Suburban National Census Bureau estimates the nation will increase by 964 Quintillion before the year 2021. However, the nation’s immigration rates will go up by more than 40%. In addition to high immigration rate, our birth rates will continue to increase. As of today our fertility rate stands at 28.37 births per women. By 2017 it will be higher than 24.64 BPW and continue to increase before the turn of the century. The biggest change in our nation was the number of people migrating to the Northern and Southern regions of our nation. On January first 2014, the northern region has less than 1.8 billion residents. In just a one year span the northern population has more than quadrupled to 15.4 billion. The Southern population has also seen a dramatic increase in population as well. At the beginning of 2014, the south had about 3.4 billion residents living in the region. As of today they have more than 5.3 Quintillion inhabitance currently living in the entire region. The SNCB has projected that the North will surpass the Southern region as the most population region in the nation the end of 2015. Our nation has seen some unbelievable changes this year.

Overpopulation is the biggest problem Suburbia is facing with in today’s world. With more than 23.916 Quintillion residents living in the nation, we have some of the highest population density rates in the world. Birmingham County is a perfect example of what is happening to our country. As of today they have more than 124.2 Quadrillion people living in the county. Birmingham County has been called the, most densely populated area in the world. City of Asguard is the largest most overpopulated city in the world. With 158 districts spread across the city, that is 20 times the size of NYC. With a population of more than 120+ Quadrillion residents. When our government wants to slow down the process of immigration, it can affect our future. Every day more than 785.6 Quadrillion immigrants come to this country to find a better life. However, we a starting to run out of room. As of today our nation is currently 80% full, and rising more than 8.85 percent every month. The most shocking news to our citizens is, what the SNCB estimates our population to be only 2 years from now. They have projected our population to reach 428.338 Quadrillion residents by 2017. Every month the SNCB conducts 3 Population checks. This process helps us keep up with the resources needed and how much each county rises by. If we didn't start this process 6 years ago it would have crashed our economy. This is why Overpopulation could hurt Suburbia in the near future.

 Our Economy plays a big part for this nation investment and, overall net worth of the country. As of today the GDP of Suburbia stands at 8.394 Quintillion Dollars. Our economy has been growing by an average rate of 54 % every month and, about 680% every year. If we continue this trend we will hit the 20.75 Quintillionth dollar mark by 2016. Many other nations around the world look to us for industrial, technology, and Business support. There are more than 200.2 Trillion government officials spread across our country. That number could triple by the end of 2015 to 150.6 Trillion. Our work force has been growing at an unbelievable rate. As of today there are more than 2.1 Quadrillion people that make up our nation’s work force. Suburbia is the leading producer of, Oil, Gas, Natural Gas, Cars, Food, Technology, and all Industrial products. All of our small businesses combined are worth more than the entire GDP of Hollywood Island and the and the United Colonial States combined. . The middle class plays a big part in keeping this country on its feet. There are more than 13.1 Quadrillion people than make up our middle class. More than 11.2 Quadrillion people that make up our lower class. Our Upper Class is home to more than 13.4 Quadrillion people. And lastly our Elite class is made up of 14.0 Quadrillion people.

Nations Work Force Population

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