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Indian Particle Man, BBC4 Radio

12 January 2005

Dr. Sharon Ann Holgate, a freelance science writer and broadcaster, produced a 30 minute programme for BBC4 radio on Bose titled The Indian Particle Man. Dr. Holgate interviewed people who knew Bose, and and the well known actor, Mr. Sayeed Jaffrey (pictured; My Beautiful Launderette, Passage to India, Gandhi) played the voice of Bose. She has woven together a fascinating portrait of Bose. 

Bose was a multi-talented man who made his mark in science in 1924 when he wrote a research paper that became one fo the foundations of quantum theory. He worked with some of the great scientists of his times, including Marie Curie and Einstein, was a musician, a scholar of literature and poetry, a translator (he was the first person to translate Einstein's work on relativity into English from the orginal German), and a nationalist.  

Sharon Ann Holgate and Julian Mayers were shortlisted for the Syngenta ABSW Science Writers' Awards 2005, for 'the best scripted/edited radio programme on a science subject' category, for the Indian Particle Man (broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 12 January 2005.

Reviews of The Indian Particle Man


Fascinating portrait of a remarkable Indian physicist…compellingly revealed by Dr. Sharon Ann Holgate…

Radio 'Choices' by Gillian Reynolds

The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday Janauary 12, 2005


Holgate, who herself did an undergraduate degree and a PhD in physics at Sussex, paints an affectionate portrait of Bose, who intrigued her after she had chanced upon his name on the Internet. She has talked to, among others, one of Bose’s former students in Calcutta, Professor Partha Ghose, who told her his teacher was a great lover of cats. Holgate also met one of Bose’s grandsons, Falguni Sarkar, who “has been researching his grandfather’s life for the past 10 years.

Bose to Bosons Amit Roy, Eye on England    
The Telegraph Calcutta
, 16 January 2005


Sharon and a colleague, Julian Mayers, have been shortlisted for a £2,000 award given by the Association of British Science Writers which seeks to “set standards of excellence in science writing”.

Bose’s grandson, Falguni Sarkar, who featured in Sharon’s documentary, is working on a biography of his grandfather. He has pointed out that there is “an entire field of physical and statistical inquiry called Bose-Einstein Statistics”.

In the adda houses around Shyam Bazar, as I discovered on a recent trip to Calcutta, they discuss little else.

Particle Woman
Amit Roy, Eye on England The Telegraph Calcutta, 2 July 2006


More Reviews available at or contact Dr. Holgate for more information.


* Photos the propety of Dr. Sharon Ann Holgate

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