This is the official website for the SNBI, or 
Single Number Back Indicator.

I uploaded a revised draft of this website on June 25, 2014.
I corrected some errors and clarified some parts of the

The website format of this website is nowhere near as
difficult as understanding the content of this website.
If you struggle with using the website format, then I will
warn you right now that you are unlikely to learn anything
from the content of this website.

The same image files from this website are also uploaded
to an album on the imgur website. The link for that is:

At this time, the main article has a 3 page table of 
contents, and 49 pages of the article.

The 3 pages of the table of contents have the url

and the 49 pages of the article have the url

Where P represents the page number. P goes from 
1-3 on the table of contents, and from 1-49 for 
the article.
The page at

contains a single html file that GNU TeXmacs exported.

My main reason for the GNU TeXmacs page is that
I want the entire text of the article to appear
in a search engine. It is recommended that you
read the numbered pages. TeXstudio is the
program that exported the numbered page images 
on this website.

I hope you agree with me that the SNBI is better 
designed than many of its predecessors, like the 
NFL Passer Rating.

I have made reference to this website on my blogger

And my YouTube page