SNP 2.0



Communication Overview

All communication takes place over TCP/IP using port 9887.

Applications using SNP must register with Snarl before attempting to create notifications.  The ability to create 'anonymous' notifications via earlier implementations of SNP has been deprecated and is not supported by SNP 2.0.  An application may re-register itself at any time; in which case it will receive the same token it previously registered with.  Once an application has registered successfully, it can add classes and create notifications.

Transport Specifics

  • Each request must begin with "snp://";
  • Each request must end with a single Carriage Return (0x0D);
  • Each request must contain an action.

Request Structure



snp://reg?id=test/test&title=Test Application&password=password

Response Structure

The response format is as follows:

SNP/<version>/<status code>/<description>[/<data>]

Version The highest version of SNP the running instance of Snarl supports.  As of R2.4, this is "2.0"; as of R2.5, this is "3.0" 
Status Code The status code of the last request 
DescriptionA human-readable representation of the status code
Data Additional data - this is specific to the individual request