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Snarl 2.5 Now Available

posted 13 Dec 2011, 03:01 by full phat   [ updated 15 Dec 2011, 06:56 ]
We're delighted to be able to announce that Snarl 2.5 is now available for immediate download.  This release incorporates lots of new features and a bunch of stability enhancements.  Full details are included both with the installation and on the download page itself, but here's a taster:

  • SNP3 notifications can now be forwarded to other computers;
  • Computers can now subscribe to SNP3 notifications from other computers;
  • New Snarl Framework 2.5 has been completely rewritten and includes a built-in notification style which is displayed if Snarl isn't running;
  • The HUD content displayed while the mouse pointer is over a notification has been streamlined;
  • Styles are now separated into two type - Display and Redirect;
  • Certain styles can now be dragged-and-dropped onto the Preferences window to have them automatically installed;
  • Added Flash Policy support to GNTP as per GNTP 1.0 specification;
  • New "Restore Defaults" feature which will restore Snarl to its original settings;
  • Added support for scripted callbacks.