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R2.4.1 Beta 3

posted 26 May 2011, 09:59 by full phat   [ updated 13 Jun 2011, 09:23 ]
Available via the "Get Current Beta" button.

Please report any issues to the support group (via the "Support" button) - the expectation is that this will be the last 2.4.1 beta before final release.

Key fixes and changes: 
  • Fixed: GNTP notification parsing code wasn't saving embedded icons.  This means growlnotify (included with GfW) should now work properly with Snarl; 
  • Various fixes and improvements to the SysInfo extension; 
  • Some cosmetic enhancements to the Tiny style; 
  • Snarl will automatically check for a new beta release if "auto_beta_update" in snarl41.config is set to "1"; 
  • If no icon is provided by an app and the app is using the Win32 API to register, Snarl will try to use the app's own icon; 
  • Documented "HeySnarl" and included demo batch file in samples folder.