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Nightly Builds

posted 10 Oct 2011, 11:44 by full phat   [ updated 15 Oct 2011, 08:25 ]
The name is slightly misleading as they're more "when I remember to upload them" builds as opposed to anything generated at a set time.  Nevertheless, I've created a folder where I'll upload just the executable (and any other relevant files) for those who want to surf on the wave of bleeding edge Snarl development.

As always with this sort of thing, documentation will range from limited to non-existent, and you'll usually be expected to figure out where individual files should be put.  You should also consider that the builds may simply not work on your setup before installing them (although usually simply reinstating the original files should resolve the problem).

Finally, I'm always very keen to hear feedback, but please ensure you clearly explain which version of nightly build you're using when posting a possible bug report.

If all that hasn't put you off, check out V43.30 (pre-Beta 2) here: