Snarl 2.5 Now Available

posted 13 Dec 2011, 03:01 by full phat   [ updated 15 Dec 2011, 06:56 ]

We're delighted to be able to announce that Snarl 2.5 is now available for immediate download.  This release incorporates lots of new features and a bunch of stability enhancements.  Full details are included both with the installation and on the download page itself, but here's a taster:

  • SNP3 notifications can now be forwarded to other computers;
  • Computers can now subscribe to SNP3 notifications from other computers;
  • New Snarl Framework 2.5 has been completely rewritten and includes a built-in notification style which is displayed if Snarl isn't running;
  • The HUD content displayed while the mouse pointer is over a notification has been streamlined;
  • Styles are now separated into two type - Display and Redirect;
  • Certain styles can now be dragged-and-dropped onto the Preferences window to have them automatically installed;
  • Added Flash Policy support to GNTP as per GNTP 1.0 specification;
  • New "Restore Defaults" feature which will restore Snarl to its original settings;
  • Added support for scripted callbacks.

EventGhost Style

posted 3 Nov 2011, 03:58 by full phat   [ updated 4 Nov 2011, 04:52 ]

Pako has developed a new Snarl style which allows you to direct Snarl notifications to EventGhost.  You can grab it here (or from the main page).  He's already at work on a plugin which will allow EventGhost to generate Snarl notifications.  Thanks man!

Nightly Builds

posted 16 Oct 2011, 11:32 by full phat

V43.31 is now available - along with a little treat...

Development Update

posted 15 Oct 2011, 08:17 by full phat   [ updated 15 Oct 2011, 08:18 ]

Bobsci has let us know that he's working on a Snarl scripting application using Delphi and Active Scripting.  It currently supports Javascript and he's hoping to add VBScript support as well.  It's still a work in progress but why not check out how things are going?
As well as all this loveliness, Bob's already created a Delphi component for Snarl as well - you can find that here.

Thanks man!

Nightly Builds

posted 10 Oct 2011, 11:44 by full phat   [ updated 15 Oct 2011, 08:25 ]

The name is slightly misleading as they're more "when I remember to upload them" builds as opposed to anything generated at a set time.  Nevertheless, I've created a folder where I'll upload just the executable (and any other relevant files) for those who want to surf on the wave of bleeding edge Snarl development.

As always with this sort of thing, documentation will range from limited to non-existent, and you'll usually be expected to figure out where individual files should be put.  You should also consider that the builds may simply not work on your setup before installing them (although usually simply reinstating the original files should resolve the problem).

Finally, I'm always very keen to hear feedback, but please ensure you clearly explain which version of nightly build you're using when posting a possible bug report.

If all that hasn't put you off, check out V43.30 (pre-Beta 2) here:

iTunes and Outlook Plugins

posted 10 Oct 2011, 05:32 by full phat   [ updated 15 Oct 2011, 08:27 ]

In line with our policy on preferring in-line or plug-in support for Snarl rather than hand-cranking intermediary apps, I'm chuffed to be able to announce a new Add-In for Microsoft Outlook (tested and working on at least Outlook 2007 and 2010) and a new Plug-in for iTunes (tested and working on iTunes 10).

I'm particularly impressed with the iTunes Plug-in as this is my first foray into C coding since 1992 and, after a remarkable number of buffer-overruns, it's actually doing what it should - i.e. not crash iTunes immediately.

Both can be found here:

And will make it into the Applications page shortly.

SnarlMail and SnarlTunes should be considered deprecated, however I'll leave them available from the site in case anyone prefers to use them.  In the interests of open-ness, the iTunes Plug-in doesn't currently support displaying the album artwork so that might be a reason to continue using SnarlTunes for the moment.

As always, feedback very much welcomed.

Shameless plug: phatBar

posted 8 Sep 2011, 06:44 by full phat

This is something I've been working on in parallel to Snarl.  It started out as a little hobby-project that I was intending to only use myself.  Then a few colleagues saw it on my laptop and it went viral.  It's fundamentally a Start->Run... replacement with extra functionality and eye candy.

Here's a teaser...

Snarl 2.5 Beta 1 Available

posted 29 Aug 2011, 08:10 by full phat   [ updated 31 Aug 2011, 05:41 ]

Download it via the link under the main download button, or direct from here.

SnarlMail 1.2 Beta 1

posted 15 Jul 2011, 04:42 by full phat   [ updated 15 Jul 2011, 04:46 ]

Don't forget it's a beta so although it shouldn't do anything particularly nasty, please don't run it on critical systems.

Please post feedback to the Support group.

News Round-Up

posted 12 Jul 2011, 10:04 by full phat

I've been a bit slack on news so here's a quick round-up...
George Slavov has updated his Winamp plugin for Snarl.  It'll make its way onto the applications page in due course, in the meantime you can read more about it (and download it) here:  One thing it does which I really like is update notification content rather than simply creating a new notification each time - much easier on screen space!
Shawn McTear is currently working on a Python implementation of SNP 2.0 - it's still a work-in-progress, but you can follow developments here: - it's looking pretty good already...
On Snarl matters, we've had a flurry of GNTP applications which don't work correctly with Snarl.  This has been partly attributed to Snarl being too strict on applying the letter of the law when it comes to the GNTP specification.  I've relaxed the rules slightly which should improve compatability significantly.  There are still some other bugs (missing notification text and broken callbacks) to iron out but it's nice to see people cross-testing between GfW and Snarl!
Lastly, I've been putting the finishing touches to SnarlMail 1.2 Beta 1.  We've been pretty quiet about promoting this as it's always been pretty unstable, and Sven had a go at creating an Outlook Add-In (SnarlMail is a daemon) but we've had reports of users unable to install it due to Outlook permission issues.  I've got a few final tweaks to make and then it'll be uploaded in the next few days.
In the meantime, here's some snaps:

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