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4. Advanced Topics

Network Forwarding and Subscriptions

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Redirecting Notifications

In addition to displaying a notification on-screen, notifications can be redirected to alternative destinations.  A single notification may be redirected to many destinations in parallel and each redirection can be configured to happen all of the time, only when you're away or only when you're busy (or any combination of these).

The following steps describe how to redirect notifications generated by the SysInfo "Power Disconnected" event to a command prompt window.  Please note you must have Snarl 3.0 Beta 3 (or later) installed.

Select SysInfo from the [Applications] page and click the Configure Events... button.  The panel below should appear:

Ensure that the Power disconnected event is selected in the list and then selected the [Redirection] tab.  Click the + button to add a new redirect:

In the New Redirect panel, click the <Pick> button and select Prowl->Standard from the menu, then set When Active?, When Away? and When Busy? to Yes:

Click Ok.  You should now see the new redirect listed.  Click the Test button to send a test notification.

Snarl-Specific Applications

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