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General Topics

  • Snarl license model
Snarl is licensed under the Simplified BSD Licence, which means it can be used in conjunction with closed-source applications.
  • Supported versions of Windows
Snarl requires Windows 2000 or later.  Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported (although Snarl will always run as a 32-bit application on 64-bit platforms).  Snarl does not require any particular edition (e.g. Home User, Professional, Ultimate) of Windows.
  • Using Snarl in corporate environment
Snarl may be used in corporate environments without any further permission from full phat products.  If you are planning to deploy Snarl within a corporate environment, please contact us as we can provide bespoke installations and even versions of Snarl tailored exactly to your requirements.
  • Snarl licence charges
Snarl is free to purchase irrespective of whether it will be used by a single user or in an enterprise environment.  You are very welcome to donate funds to Snarl, however this is purely optional.  There are currently no official support packages available with Snarl, although we are able to offer bespoke solutions on application.


    • Installing Snarl for users without administrator privileges
    As of release 2.5, Snarl should install correctly for non-admin users so long as an account with Administrator permissions is provided when prompted for by the installer.
    • "Melon" and why it is installed as part of the Snarl installation
    Melon is a framework created by k23 productions.  It's a collection of COM libraries and Add-Ons much like Microsoft's .NET product.  Snarl makes use of some of the Melon framework and thus needs it installing on the computer.


    • Application x doesn't support Snarl
    In the first instance, you should contact the developer of application x and ask them to add Snarl support.  You can direct them to this website (specifically, the Developers page) for the information they need.  If you have no luck with this approach, you could post a request to the Discussion Forum in case someone is able to help (by creating a third-party plugin, for example).
    • Please add this feature to application x
    You should direct your request to the developer of application x. 
    • Developers: adding Snarl support
    Go the Developers page in the first instance.  You would also be advised to join the Developer Forum as we can provide greater assistance here.
    • Developers: how to get your application added to this website
    Drop us a note at the Discussion Forum explaining what it is and what it does.  Please also provide a URL to your website and a direct download link (if they're different).  One of the site managers will review the application and add a link to it.


    • Running Snarl in debug mode
    For Windows 2000 and XP:
    • Quit Snarl if it's currently running
    • Click Start > Run...
    • In the dialog that appears, enter "c:\program files\full phat\snarl\snarl.exe -debug"
    • Click OK
    For Windows Vista and later:
    • Quit Snarl if it's currently running
    • Click Start > Run...
    • In the dialog that appears, enter "c:\program files\full phat\snarl\snarl.exe -debug"
    • Click OK
    • Snarl debug file location
    The debug file is located in %APPDATA%\full phat\snarl.log where %APPDATA% is the path to your application data folder.
    • Taking a screenshot of a notification
    Move the mouse pointer over the notification, hold the Ctrl key and right-click the notification's close button.  In the menu that appears, select "Capture Notification" - the screenshot will be saved to your desktop.



    Can I change the font or the font size of a notification?

    Some of the styles (e .g. Minimal or Sony Playstation) have settings where you can change the font. See Snarl Settings - Styles - choose a style - press the button Settings.

    For installed styles being based on the EZ Styles API (as e. g. the included Glass) please search it in the style installation folder (something like C:\Documents and Settings\YOURLOGIN\Application Data\full phat\snarl\styles) and look for a text file within the style directory matching the name yourscheme.scheme and change the values there.

    How can I make own styles?

    Starting with Snarl 2.1 there is very easy way to create own new styles. Please have a look at our EZ Style Guide

    How do I install a style I have downloaded?

    Browse ony your harddisk to the settings-folder of Snarl which can be usually found at at location like "C:\Documents and Settings\YOURLOGIN\Application Data\full phat\snarl\styles" end extract the contents of the archive in this place so that there is now a new folder called YOURSTYLE.ezstyle.

    As an alternative there is a small tool called StylesInstaller in our application list which will do this for you automatically

    I have made an own style - how can it be added to the list on the Snarl homepage?

    Please visit our forum and open a thread there. You can add an attachment to the forum and we will add your style within a short time to the Snarl homepage.