What are Snarl Daemons?

Snarl Daemons are ordinary applications, except they don't have their own persistent GUI (hence the "Daemon" moniker).  As they don't have a persistent GUI, it makes it difficult for the user to access the application's settings. Normally, the way to provide this is to place an icon in the Windows Notification Area ("System Tray") but this can quickly lead to excessive icon clutter.

To combat this, applications can indicate they're a daemon when registering with Snarl - the application will then be displayed in the pop-up window which appears when the user selects the Snarl Daemons item from Snarl's main menu (see picture).

Outlook email monitoring

Notifies when devices are connected and disconnected
Simple RSS client
(Ships with Snarl) Screenshot
iTunes monitor
(Ships with Snarl) (coming soon)