About Snarl 2

All-Round Support


Here are just a few of the applications which Snarl already supports, and the number is growing all the time.  For the full list, check out the Applications page.

Look Gorgeous

Snarl ships with a raft of styles to make your notifications look better than ever - and if none of the default ones suit, you can always create your own...

Total Control

Take control of what notifications you receive, and where you receive them.  Snarl can shadow any notification to any number of styles - which be one that speaks the notification, emails it to you, or sends it to your iPhone, Android device, or Windows Mobile 7 phone!

You name it - we support it

From our own Windows message and TCP-based protocols right through JSON and the older GrowlNet to the brand new GNTP specification - we support 'em all.

Wear Your Corporate Suit

If you're deploying Snarl into a corporate environment, you can take advantage of single or multiple global configuration files which can be used to limit access to particular features - and to provide a standard look and feel.