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SnarkAlec Radio The Final Episode

SnarkAlec Radio is ending its amazing  2 year run on December 11 , 2014
With Special guest Rebekah Kennedy and other surprises.

Most of you have questions about why the show is ending and the simple answer is, its time has come.
Preparing for a radio show takes a lot of time, which puts a strain on all of us.
Changing schedules and personal matters have us scrambling at times to put out the best quality show, and something we can be proud to put our names on.

When shows like The Walking Dead and Z Nation are on , show prep consists of us all watching the shows (which we would be doing anyway) before the radio show.

There are times when we dont have these shows as fodder for the Radio and we have to scramble for topics and games etc.

Mike , Kelly and I have decided to end the regularly scheduled weekly SnarkAlec Radio show indefinitely.

What does that mean?

Is Snarkalec Radio gone for good?

Is something going to replace Snarkalec Radio?

At this point we dont have the answer to any of these questions. however Mike , Kelly and I will probably collaborate on other projects in the future.

If needed I would not rule out "Special Editions" of SnarkAlec Radio showing up in the future for special occasions. 

Over the last 2 years I have never laughed as hard or as long as I have during SnarkAlec Radio. 

Melissa, Kelly and Mike as well as our guests have been fantastic and funny as hell and I am proud to be associated with these people.

Consider the SnarkAlec legacy.   Either hosts or frequent guests have gone on to create shows like....
Bring Out Your Geek
Nurture and Support
Dylan Knows
The Assistant
Whether SnarkAlec Radio is put to rest for good or just taking a nap remains to be seen but it was a helluva ride while it lasted.

Not quite good enough to quit their day jobs

Snarkalec Radio


SnarkAlec Radio!

SnarkAlec Radio show will be heard on the Loud N Loaded channel on Live 365. We will link to the schedule once its posted.

It is also on Tony's YouTube channel (there is a one week delay from the live show until it is posted). You can also watch live as we record the show on Thursdays 8PM Eastern (usually) on the aforementioned YouTube channel.

The SnarkAlec Radio show is comprised of Melissa (@Karmic9), Kelly (@KellyThul) and Tony (@TonySolo).  We we get together once a week to talk about the mysteries of the Universe and solve global problems. 

You might also hear us talk about whats going on in the world of SnarkAlecs, Syfy movies and shows, Defiance, zombies and The Walking Dead among other things.​ We have fun doing itso tune in and laugh along with us!

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Mikes Revenge?

Yay Google Yay Zombies

Yay Melissa

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