Feeds 4


Half a pack of bacon or 6 slices chopped- my lot love smoked bacon but you are suppose to use Pancetta

Onion - peeled and finely chopped

Mushrooms ( 5- 6 ) - Chopped

2 cloves of Garlic

2 eggs


Olive Oil

Pasta ( enough for 4 people) We use wholemeal pasta usually


Parmigiano-Reggiano - ( Supervalu do I lovely one for €2.99)

The How To

1. Put a pot of water on for your Pasta and cook it until al Dente - save a couple of tablespoons of the Pasta water.

2. In a skillet pan fry your bacon and onion until bacon is getting crispy then add mushrooms and garlic and fry until golden.

3. In a separate bowl beat the eggs * and add Grated Cheese about 75- 100 g

*TIP If you use eggs that are frozen and defrosted it is suppose to help them not scramble

4. Add the pasta to the bacon in the pan and take off the heat - add the egg and cheese and the pasta water and mix, then mixing quickly with the pasta so not to scramble the eggs. You can use a tongs to toss the pasta in the sauce which should thicken if things go well :)

5. Serve with shavings of Parmigiana-Reggiano and basil leaves to garnish and a nice garlic bread or a Green salad.