About Us

The Samahan ng Mamamayan - Zone One Tondo Organization or SM-ZOTO is a federation of local urban poor organizations from relocation sites and areas for demolition.  It organizes urban poor communities to build and rebuild their lives, turn shanties into empowered communities. 

Name and Address:   Samahan ng Mamamayan – Zone One Tondo Organization
                                Block 31 Lot 82-83 Phase 2 Area 2 Maya-maya St., Dagat-dagatan
                                Navotas City, Metro Manila, 1485 Philippines

Date Organized:         October 20, 1970
Date Registered:         July 31, 2000
Type of Registration:   Non Stock, Non Profit Organization/ 
                                 Securities and Exchange Commission Registration No. A2000010221

Vision: A community of economically and politically empowered citizens, who are accorded their due dignity, foster gender equality and democracy, child-friendly, and live in a healthy, bountiful environment.

    1. Organize and strengthen the citizenry in the 28 urban poor communities;
    2. Raise awareness on gender equality;
    3. Conduct continuing education and training of leaders and members of the community and the organization;
    4. Improve the economic condition of its members and ultimately of all citizens;
    5. Advocate for the people’s right to health, provide health services, safe and affordable medicines;
    6. Advocate for children and young people’s rights, provide early childhood education and informal education 
        and alternative childhood education as well; 
    7. Collaborate with other sectors, organizations, institutions, and individuals locally and internationally; and
    8. Forge alliances to advance the rights and welfare of the urban poor.

Goal: Development of strong and stable organizations as a votive force to achieve security of dwelling, social protection, social services, towards sustainable urban poor communities.

The Urban Poor & their Communities

According to the March 2011 report of the Technical Working Group of the DILG commissioned by the Office of the President, 1 in 4 families in Metro Manila is urban poor.

Urbanization & rural poverty gave birth to the urban poor.

Their condition is a criticism to the government.
The urban poor is characterized with a dynamics that even without the intervention of external factors, the community men and women, on their own, will push for these developments because these are what they want.
Their sense of organization and direction emanates from the common problems their community faces.
ZOTO’s role on this part is to unite these existing organizations in the communities to collectively act.

A brief orientation on ZOTO