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Smyth County 4-H Events

Smyth County 4-H is committed to serving the youth of Smyth County. 4-H is the youth development education program of Virginia Cooperative Extension. 4-H is committed to assisting youth, and those adults working with them, in acquiring the knowledge, life skills, and attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, contributing, and productive members of society. The central theme of 4-H education is "learn by doing."

Upcoming Events:

December 11-12 Livestock Camp (4-H Center)
December 18-20 Teen Wilderness Trip
December 21 Stockman's Practice

December 3:  Fall County Contest
December 6:  Teen Meeting & Little Debbie                               Pick Up
December 7:  Hippology Practice
December 10:  Horse Club Christmas Party
December 15:  Livestock Club Meeting
December 21:  Stockman's Practice
Smyth County 4-H,
Jun 1, 2015, 6:43 AM
Smyth County 4-H,
Jun 1, 2015, 6:43 AM