The St. Matthew's Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society aims to promote student participation and interest in veterinary emergency and critical care medicine. It is SMU SVECCS' goal to provide opportunities for members to obtain hands on experience in veterinary emergencies and critical care. This experience will further student education and career opportunities in the field of emergency medicine.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the emergency medicine field? Wondering how it might feel the first time a case came through the door, not knowing what to expect? That flitter flutter in your stomach signaling anxious nerves. Has your school training prepared you for the unexpected emergency situation that you now had to control? Or perhaps you're the type that gets bored easily with the mundane performance of repetitive task and that piqued your interest in a field where you never know exactly what to expect. If any of this sounds familiar or interest you, then SMU SVECCS is the club for you.
The SMU SVECCS was created to give you the co-curricular skills that will prepare you for emergency medicine. The club will hold a general meeting and a guest speaker meeting each month. Once a month, the club will review an emergency case of the month. In addition, there will be at least one wet lab per semester in which participants will gain hands on experience in emergency policies, treatments, and techniques. Here are just a few of the wet labs you won't want to miss: bandaging & sutures, emergency procedures, and CPR. In addition to the skills you will learn at the wet labs, you will have an opportunity to go on emergency large animal emergency calls.