Population and Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Lab

April 22 - Steve Murawski traveled to Washington, DC to give his testimony regarding the state of the Gulf to the House Committee on Natural Resources

April 20 - Steve Murawski and other C-IMAGE PIs participated in a press conference for the 5-year anniversary of the DWH Spill

Research done at CMS featured in Deepwater Horizon documentary!

Dispatches from the Gulf (Trailer)

C-BASS Featured on WEDU program, Quest.

Listen to podcasts about research surrounding the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill:

'The Loop', Episode 1: Dr. Steve Murawski speaks about the contributions of the consortium, C-IMAGE, to Gulf of Mexico research

'The Loop', Episode 2: Dr. Steve Murawski and Dr. Dave Hollander (USF CMS Paleo Lab) discuss the sediment and fish sampling work after the DWH blowout.

The Murawski Lab is a part of the College of Marine Science (CMS) 
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