Dallas Paleontological Society

On April 13, Yuri Kimura was invited to the April meeting of Dallas Paleontological Society and gave a talk about her Master's thesis.

"The speaker for April's meeting will be Yuri Kimura from SMU, who received a DPS scholarship in 2009.  Her research, under the direction of Dr. Louis Jacobs, is on the evolution of fossil rodents and their dispersal from Asia.  Her talk will be titled "Jumping Mice, not discovered by Roy Chapman Andrews".  Andrews was the famous paleontologist and adventurer who explored China and Mongolia in the 1910s and 20s, looking for fossils of early man for the American Museum of Natural Science.  He instead found many dinosaur fossils including the first dinosaur eggs, but apparently missing the tiny rodent teeth!

Yuri has also been active in a group of students that are raising funds for relief from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  She will bring some specially-designed t-shirts, which include a replica of the iconic early Japanese drawing of a tsunami, to sell at the DPS meeting for this cause."

Fund Raised at this event


Thank you so much!!