Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts 2011

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(Successfully wired to Japanese Red Cross Society on Jul 01, 2011. View receipt)

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(Updated: June 11, 2011)


We will continue our relief efforts until the end of Spring 2011 and then send your donation to the American Red Cross by no later than July 15.

T-shirts are for sale

Date: Tuesday to Friday

Location: Heroy Hall, 321 (Yuri Kimura's office)

Time: 2:00 to 5:00

Yuri's contact number is 214-909-0786.

Remaining T-shirts: XS 15

Beautiful Japanese scenery by Yuri Kimura

YouTube Video

Charity Items

T-shirt designed by Yuri Kimura

Design concept: "Live with nature and recover from disaster". On the T-shirt, Mt. Fuji and a crane are both symbols of Japan. A big wave is a symbol of the 2011 Japan Earthquake. We hope that Japanese people will find a way to recover from the 2011 Japan Earthquake just like cranes rising into the Sun.

$20 each

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All funds will be sent to American Red Cross through ISEM, the Institute for the Study of Earth and Man, at Southern Methodist University

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Half Price Books Records & Magazines, Inc. (HPB)

Institute for the Study of Earth and Man

t-shirts printed by Ham-Hula T-shirt Company

Photograph and video provided by Tokio Marine

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