Southern Methodist University

2007 Cultural Institute


Breath of Clay:  Exploring the World of Traditional Pottery

 July 12-16, 2007

Experience 700 years of New Mexico art and culinary practice with this four day workshop in pottery manufacturing.  Highlights include apprenticeship with Mr. Felipe Ortega (a master potter recognized by the Smithsonian Institution), tours of local galleries and visits to ancient clay sources.


Ancestral Images: Petroglyphs
of the Northern Rio Grande

 July 19-22, 2007

The sacred landscapes of the Northern Rio Grande are expressed exquisitely through rock art design.  In this class, we will explore these enigmatic figures and ponder the mysteries of the region's religious and secular practices leading up to the Spanish Colonial Period.

B. Sunday Eiselt
Southern Methodist University Department of Anthropology
3225 Daniel Ave, Heroy Hall, Room 419
Dallas Texas, 75275
Telephone: (214) 768-2915

 Felipe Ortega with fresh micaceous pots from his kiln in La Madera (Photograph by S. Eiselt, 2004)