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The purpose of this student chapter is to offer additional time outside of the classroom to build and expand on student's equine medicine and surgery interests.  The club has a very active membership to which attend our meetings twice a month.  At those meetings we conduct regular business in addition to having various guest speakers from areas of equine surgery, internal medicine, field work, radiography techniques, in addition to students presenting information obtained during equine externships.

Students also  accompany the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture veterinarians when possible on equine field calls.  Some of these calls include health prevention programs, lameness exams, wound care, dental care, and hoof care/management.  These opportunities allow our members to expand classroom subject matter to a true problem based learning approach. 


AAEP Host Talk About Equine Externships, Internships, and Career Building 

    On October 1, 2009 adjunct professor Dr. Donna Harris spoke to AAEP members regarding the importance of equine externships and internships post graduation.  A noticeable trend has been sighted regarding the importance of internships for a new veterinarian instead of joining an equine practice as an associate.  Dr. Harris explained that AAEP members are looking for a well rounded veterinarian and that internships allow for the process to occur. 

    Dr. Harris also showed students how to access the AAEP's internship database and what they should look at when applying for internships as well as their externships.  Advisor Dr. Charles Dickinson added that it is important for a new veterinarian even with interest in only equine medicine to practice in a mixed practice.  Dr. Dickinson stressed that as a veterinarian students need to develop all skills learned in school as well as developing new ones.  

    In the past month the student AAEP chapter applied for a grant organized by the AVMA.  On July 13, 2009 the club was notified that the

"Student American Veterinary Medical Association's Committee  on Communications was very impressed with your application for our $275 PR Grant, and we have selected you as a winner for the 2009 competition"

    SMU's AAEP was selected out of a total of 28 applicants to receive one of the 4 grants.  The purpose of the grant is to help educate the community about the veterinary medical profession and all that it has to offer.

AAEP and Behavior Medicine Club Student Attend Parelli Workshop

AAEP was along with the Behavior Medicine Club spend their Saturday afternoon with a local equine enthusiast.  Tricia Sybersma and her daughter have been participating in Parelli workshops for the past five years.  Tricia and her daughter informed the students regarding the different training and mangaement approaches taught at Parelli clinic.  The information present on this day, July 11,2009, included a video discussion as well as demonstration on the University's two resident equines. 

Being a member of the veterinary profession requires continued learning in both the areas of medicine as well as husbandry.

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