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St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church
P.O. Box 47032
Ottawa, ON K1B 5P9

2750 Navan Rd. (2 min. south of Innes Rd.)

  3Points Parish Central Tel.: 613-216-2200

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***  Please note under a Google search, the Map may show us at an old location at 2672 Innes Rd. in Blackburn Hamlet. Google is reviewing our request  for a correction. ***

2750 Navan Rd

Special Events or Joint Services may be held at other locations;

Trinity - 8785 Russel Rd., Bearbrook
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St. Mary's  - 3480 Trim Rd., Hall (behind) -1171 Smith Rd., Town of Navan.

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St. Andrew's Chapel, Vars - 1900 Divine Rd., Vars
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Blackburn Hamlet Community Ctre.:

190 Glen Park Dr.

The Community Ctre. is beside the Blackburn Hamlet Arena.

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