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About Me


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S M TAqwemm was born in Lahore .He received his primary education at Abbotabad and afterwards  studied at Lahore till Matric and then again proceeded to Abbotabad,where he did his F.SC, Again from Lahore did graduation and took admission in Punjab University for M.A. Journalism.(1982-84) S M Taqweem is his journalistic name His full name is Sayed Mohammad Taqqweem Ahsan.

 Faimly Background

He belongs to a highly educated family of Dehli. Hisgrndfather was a renowned poet of India -Bismil Saeedi ( Eesa Ahmad ). He was a recipient of Ghalib Awards and Nehru Award. "Mushiadat","Nishat-i-Gham"And " Kaif-i-Alam" are his remarkable poetry books. The elder daughter of Bismil Saeedi ( PhD ) Asma Saeedi Late was a senior teacher of Urdu department, Aligharh University. She did her thesis Hazrat Azeem Abidi. Asma,s brother Prof. Mahboob Saeedi PhD is a principal of a Govt. College in Dehli. The faimly of Hazrat Bismil Saeedi had always been a closed associate of Ghandi faimly and diffrent Governments . S. M .Taqweem,s father ,Syed Masood-ur-Rahman Habib Saeedi is also a good poet . He is having abulk of his unpublished writings, enough for so many books . He is residing in Lahore.


 S. M .Taqweem is a senior Journalist with an experience of 25 years . He has worked almost in all the big newspapers. He started career in 1979 as cartoonist in daily " Saadat" and then He joined daily "Nawai-i-Waqt" Lahore, as  a trainee in 1980 and "Pakistan Times" in 1982.In the same yers he joined the daily "Jang" Lahore, as a sub-editor and continued till 1990. S M Taqweem joined daily " Pakistan" as a senior sub-editor and continued till 1997,when he resigned as a news-editor to join daily ''Din'' Lahore .He joined daily ''Din'' as chief news editor/deputy editor in 2002,he joined daily .''Awaz'' where at present he is working as chief news editor. In 1995 he had applied at London School of journalism (U.K) where he got admission but could not join it because of severe illness of his wife.He has also been a good broadcaster. He joined Radio Pakistan Lahore, as news reader.


 Now he has formed two organizations, Ra, ana Taqweem Foundation and an NGO-Burnscure. Both are working for the establishment of Nabeeha Taqweem Burn-Centre (NTBC).